Behind the Scenes with @adriannamondelli

We flew out 5 Smulers to sing and participate in a TV ad with Train. Check out their experiences and photos below!
1.  How was the overall experience working behind the scenes for a Train commercial?

It was absolutely amazing. Everyone involved was extremely welcoming and professional. I couldn’t have had a more enjoyable experience, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

2. Was it what you expected being in front of a camera for a film production?
I’ve had experience in front of cameras in the past, and whereas I always get butterflies at first, thankfully the entire cast and crew made it extremely comfortable. I had the time of my life!

3.Was it different from what you are normally used to?
It was a very different experience from what I’m used to. It was so unbelievably inspiring to see so many different people with different talents coming together at the same time on the same day to make a commercial that represents people from all over the world coming together in song, by doing just that.

4. What was your favorite part?
4)EVERYTHING! I was able to work hand in hand with incredible industry professionals, laugh and create memories with the whole Smule family, experience a beautiful new city, make life long friends, OH, and work with TRAIN!!!!

5. Do you see yourself doing a music career down the road? If so, where should we keep our eyes out and/or follow you
Well thanks to Smule, I am lucky enough to be currently pursuing a career in music. I was discovered and signed all through a Smule video, and it has been a dream come true working with the Smule community. I will forever hold them close to my heart as family.
You can follow my journey on
Twitter/Snapchat: @adrimondelli

Smule Presents: Daniel Loeillot

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Last year we ran a program called Smule Presents for a year – where we highlighted our talented users through music videos to showcase our users in their creative light alongside working with the Smule Studio production team led by Alyce. You can find those videos here. During one of the last videos we presented, we flew him on alongside with 3 others around the globe to sing a mashup of two songs. You can find the video here (it’s pretty amazing.) This was a mash-up of “One Call Away” and “Love Yourself.” Over the new couple months, we will post all of the four individual videos we made while they were here (so maybe, more mini- Smule Presents)!

You can find their experience on Smule Presents here!

First up: Dan Loeillot! He has been on the app for almost 3 years and he resides in Paris where he performs. He generally sings a combination of R&B, rap, pop and deep soulful music. His music video was made on the song, “Apologize” by One Republic as a dedication to his friend.

1) Why did you pick the song you sang? 
I decided to sing this song because when I was young, my best friend Eric used to play it on the piano and I would be singing singing. Now he lives in Australia, and I miss him a lot, this video is dedicated to him.

2) What challenges do you see as an upcoming artist? 
The artist lifestyle is a challenge itself. The best challenge for me as an upcoming artist is to create music, be on stage and make my family proud of me.

3) What is your favorite kind of style to sing? 
I am a huge fan of 90’s R’n’B ballads, like Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men kind of style.

4) Who is your inspiration?
Tori Kelly is such an inspiration for me. I always watched her videos since the beginning.

5) How can people follow you?

Behind the Scenes with @Sarah_TV


We flew out 5 Smulers to sing and participate in a TV ad with Train. Check out their experiences and photos below!

1.  How was the overall experience working behind the scenes for a Train commercial?

It felt more like a vacation rather than work, it was seriously amazing being able to experience and be a part of making the commercial. I had so much FUN!

2. What was it like getting hair/makeup/wardrobe done by professionals?

I felt so pampered, all I had to do was sit there while they made me all beautiful.  Just like the movies!  One fun little adventure is when the wardrobe team tried to stuff me into Adrianna’s fluffy pink bathrobes!  She’s about 5 ft tall and tiny and I’m 5’8” and not at all tiny!  Haha that was funny!  They gave me a new outfit…

3.  Was it fun to hang out with other Smule members. If so, what was your favorite part and why?

No, ha! Just kidding, of course it was amazing!  I’ve known and sung with most of them on Smule for about two years now and finally getting a chance to meet them was so special.  We were also able to do a little Smule mini meetup with other Smulers in the area!! I think my favorite part was the last night we were there everyone came to my hotel room and we just jammed out singing songs together. I didn’t want it to end.

4. Is it what you expected?

I didn’t know what to expect honesty and everything was a bit of a mystery because it was kind of “hush-hush”.  We were only given information as we needed it know it.  It was amazing seeing how much goes into a commercial production.  The team was really incredible to watch.  So many little things you don’t think about were going on.  For example, in my kitchen scene, instead of there being actual boiling water on the stove someone would sneak under the counter and spray fake fog every 20 seconds!  Singing in a plume of fake boiling water is interesting!!

5.  Do you see yourself doing a music career down the road? If so, where should we keep our eyes out and/or follow you?

I definitely am striving for a music career and you can find me on FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, and also my website:  I am getting ready to release my latest single May 21st called Empty Words!  It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart etc. I am excited to share it with you so please watch for an upcoming preview!



Smule fuels more music in the world with $54 million capital raise led by Tencent

Smule fuels more music in the world with $54 million capital raise led by Tencent

Smule is on a mission to change the way the world experiences music. With 52 million monthly active users creating over 20 million songs every day, Smule is transforming the landscape of music from one of passive listening to one of collaborative creation and expressive sharing. On Smule, users are inspired to engage with music at its roots, as a creative, social and interactive medium, and collaborate with and listen to all types of music, with anyone from anywhere in the world. With this vision in mind, Smule is taking the next step to scale the platform with $54 million in a strategic financing round led by Tencent, which joins existing investors including Adams Street Partners, Bessemer Ventures, Floodgate, Franklin Templeton, Granite Ventures, and Shasta Ventures.

Tencent shares Smule’s passion for music and for connecting people. Through its “Connection” strategy, Tencent has been cultivating a vibrant ecosystem, enabling users to communicate, socialize and enjoy content and services efficiently on its integrated platforms with music as its key focus.

“Tencent believes that music is universal and Smule is pioneering a new and unique way for people to create and engage with music. Our investment in Smule will expand our exposure to the promising potential of the digital music market,” said Poshu Yeung, Tencent’s Vice President of International Business.

With the investment, Smule will turn the volume up on its global presence and enable more people to experience music in a new way. In 2016, revenue grew 54 percent to $101 million, monthly active users increased by 52% and subscribers by 100%. This is all driven by a deeply social global community where users are creating more music in the world every day, with other users and major global artists like TrainEd SheeranShawn MendesRizky FebianLuis Fonsi, and Christian Nodal.

Most recently, Smule debuted its first ever national broadcast commercial for their Smule Sing! app featuring the Grammy-award winning rock band Train singing along to their new global hit single “Play That Song” with some of the app’s biggest users. The app and commercial hope to move listeners beyond passive listening and into participating in music creation.

“We are always looking for creative and innovative ways to connect with our fans,” said Pat Monahan of Train. “Smule allows us to engage with our fans on a deeper level and we can’t wait to see all the amazing duets of ‘Play That Song’ on Smule Sing!”





#SingtopiaTurns4 Anniversary Post


Many of you already know about the largest Sing! oriented group on Facebook, known as Singtopia! Singtopia has been with us since the beginning with the mission to connect, engage and empower singers all around the world in one place. Over the 4 years, Singtopia has done so much to keep their community engaged – and they do it exceptionally well. Celebrating groups in Sing!, hosting frequent contests, featuring international communities, answering FAQ, and more!

Today, and the next two weeks, we will celebrate the members who make Singtopia the wonderful community it is today, and the admins who built it. Singtopia is serving over 8,000 singers, which has doubled since their last anniversary. The community is growing. Each person has to be approved by an admin, or suggested by a friend making the community a tight group of people with the same vision.

Over the past year Singtopia has developed and up kept many programs, making their group so successful and fun – so stay engaged and active in Singtopia! Take a look at the some of the fun things they have done in the past year:

  • Annual huge Halloween Contest
  • Anniversary and 12 Days of Christmas celebration, which includes prizes and features
  • Contributors in Smule Picks weekly challenge and partner artist program
  • Coffee Talk LIVE with Adrian was created to reach out to members and get to know them a little better!
  • Singtopia International Mixers provide members the opportunity to sing with others globally to create amazing multi-lingual collaborations.
  • Hidden Gem Program continues to seek out Undiscovered Talent within the Sing! Community.

So much ongoing engagement, so what will their focus be next and where do they plan to grow? Maria, Co-creator, says, “As we move into our 4th year in Singtopia, community engagement and programming have been a huge focus. Welcoming new members to a mix of amazing talent, young and old and to have a chance to experience a fun, lively, active community is what Singtopia is all about! Singtopia is a community where members can share their music, participate in fun activities and events and make Sing! friends from all across the globe!”

So, where Singtopia will expect to grow in the next year:

  • Community Songbook involvement with some amazing upcoming programs
  • Singtopia Feature Program Revamp
  • New Singtopia Musician’s Lounge Programming

singtopia admins

Celebrate the admins and sing with them! 


Adrian Sings

Maria Sings

Nikki Nemeyer


Elyss Nieves

Priscilla Meseret

Clare Holmes

Vince Jacob

Candace Roy 

(coming soon)

Ruben Santos


Community quotes on Singtopia:

“The Singtopia admins are one of the most dedicated groups of volunteers I have ever seen.To moderate such a large group is a bigger undertaking than most people realize, their commitment is unparalleled and their devotion continues to enhance the overall community.” – @Chanticleer

“With thousands of members in Singtopia the admin team does an amazing job at supporting us and making us know that our voices and performances are heard. I couldn’t ask for a better admin team! They’re all so incredible!” – @HashtagKarenag

“I have never had much interaction with Maria but Adrian is awesome! I met him the first time I met shevonn in 2015 and I’ve got to say that he is just one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Extremely giving individual. Always seems to be helping others and continuing the atmosphere of acceptance on the app. I really need to see him again sometime soon” – @IronPudding

“The Admins are great! They contribute greatly to the Sing Community by maintaining a positive, clean, and inclusive way for all levels of users to communicate freely in an organized, yet fun environment. This group is great for users seeking guidance and helpful advice on anything Smule related.” – @HoustonAndrews

“I love our Singtopia admins! I always see them out supporting, loving and commenting on users and they are always quick to respond to questions and help. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already! Cheers and congrats, Singtopia!” -@ALimone_SR



Your Smule Name Is Your Voice

Author: Tamara Hope
We have all joined Smule:Sing for a variety of reasons.  Some of us joined as an escape from home and work responsibilities, some to get over their fear of performing in front of an audience. Many of us have joined to be part of a music community, to learn from other musicians, make friends with other musicians and to create amazing music with other musicians.  There are some singers on the app that have hopes and dreams of becoming a “famous” or “renowned” singer.  There are also those that are here for all of the above.  No matter where you may lay on the Smule spectrum, we are all here because we want to be heard.
That leads me into the very important topic of branding yourself as a singer.  If having a following or a fan base is not important to you, then this topic will not really matter much, but, if you here for any type of serious recognition, listen up!
Your name is EVERYTHING!  Because each singer is unique, it’s harder to try to explain a singer with adjectives.
“You know, the girl who has the soft tone, with a little bit of a rasp and great runs?”
That describes about a billion singers.  It’s all in the name.  Your name sells and defines you.
So, how do you make your brand name work for you?  The number one thing that needs to happen is that you make your brand consistent.  Social media is everything in the music world these days.  We have eliminated almost all analogue music and have gone digital. When, someone is seeking you as a musician they will “Google” your name or throw your name into a search engine.  This is why consistency is by far the most important way to make your musical name work.  You have to make your user name consistent throughout social media.
The second most important rule is that you make your name memorable.  Calling yourself “alpha128942onesong343green” is not going to stick.  I have already forgotten the first number, let alone the rest of the name.  This can be a challenge when you are competing with millions of other people for names.  Sometimes an underscore can easily help you pass this barrier.
Here is the unfortunate truth in the entertainment industry: Many performers looking for managers, agents or record deals have run into a new challenge.  They are looking for people that have already been working hard to self-promote.  You could be the greatest singer on earth, but without a following or fan base you are useless to them.  These professionals want to hire someone they think will be able to make them money.  They want to know that if they produced a product for you (album, music video, TV show, etc.) that you would automatically have buyers.
Many of my friends in the industry have lost out on roles because they were Googled by managers/producers/agents, only to find that they were unsearchable or that they had a minimal Intagram/Facebook/YouTube following.  This is the common trend and it is no longer a secret.
Branding yourself takes hard work and diligence, but an easy step in the process is to simply find a name that you would make you searchable, a name that will make us remember you, a name that we can seek no matter where we are, a name that is easy to remember.
Good luck Smulers! I hope this helps!!!