5 Audition Tips for The Voice


Auditioning for The Voice can be scary, frightening or maybe even awkward. We want you to feel comfortable, so feel free to to read the tips below to optimize your opportunity.

  1. Be yourself. You’re unique in your own way.
  2. Remember to have fun. Show us your personality and energy.
  3. Choose one of the eleven preselected songs in Smule Sing! that suits your style and you know you sing well. Show who you want to be as an artist.
  4. Show your true voice. Don’t use additional Sing! filters for your performance.
  5. Dress the part. Wear what you would wear if you were in front of The Voice coaches.

What are you waiting for? Audition now!


How to audition for The Voice “Beat the Crowd” Auditions


So far, we have seen an incredible amount of auditions – all displaying your personality, talent, singing skills, and so on. Couldn’t be prouder of our Smule community reaching out and auditioning to capture their dreams. Or even if it’s just to try something new and see where it takes you. Whatever it is – we support you. Have fun and rock on! :)

A couple reminders from the Voice below:

  • Must be over the age of 13
  • Please use video if you have the option
  • Keep the default sound effect (“Studio”) and don’t add other sound effects.

How do you audition for the Voice?

Your performances will be heard by the Voice, and if you’re chosen, you will get to cut in line and go right to the front for The Voice live open call auditions in cities across America. Here’s how:

  • Launch the app
  • Go to The Voice audition page.
  • Sing! one of the 11 songs offered. Please sing just one of them.


FAQ – The Voice Auditions on Smule Sing

FAQ – The Voice Auditions on Smule Sing


How do I enter?


      1. Sing one of the 11 songs on The Voice audition page
      2. Save performance to submit!
      3. Please see the blog for more info 

How do I find the audition page?


      • For customers in US, there will be a banner at the top of the Sing! App that will link you to audition page.


How old do I need to be to enter?


      • The Voice requires you to be 13+. 


Will my performance be private?


      • Yes, your performance will be private – only visible to The Voice and privately on your channel.


Do I need to be in the US?



What if I can’t sing that well?


      • Doesn’t matter – you should do what you do best. Have fun and be yourself.


How many times can I enter?


      • We ask that you enter only once and sing one song. Multiple entries won’t increase your chances.


How do I know if I get selected?


      • The Voice will notify you directly and will provide all further information.


Do I need a VIP subscription to enter?


      • Nope, all 11 songs are made free for this audition. ENJOY!


Can I use an old performance or another song to audition with?


      • Nope – you must audition through The Voice in-app experience that you’ll when you launch the app.


What audition do I attend?


      • Auditions are held in cities across the US. If you are selected, The Voice will instruct you how to choose a city for your live audition.


Can I use filters?


    • The Voice wants to hear your true voice. Just sing and save your performance. Please don’t add any additional filters



Audition for The Voice with the Sing app!

Social-post_FB_Twitter_23 (1)

We are excited to announce that for the first time ever our US community can audition for The Voice in Smule Sing. But you only have until February 23rd to Beat the Crowd.

To audition:

  1. Launch the app
  2. Go to audition page
  3. Sing!

The Voice will give your entry a listen and if you’re chosen, you’ll get a front of the line pass for one of the open call auditions. Now, go make us proud. 😉


Happy 4th Anniversary to Smulenesians

smulenesiansHappy 4th Anniversary to Smulenesians
One of our largest nation-based communities built around talent, community, and pushing boundaries on a musical level. Proud to say this group really embodies what it means to be a community: to celebrate, grow and support. In all 4 years we have worked with them, we have have only seen above and beyond. To celebrate their 4 years of on-going community, we have their playlist up under “Hot Recordings” on Sing!
This team of leaders, and do-ers have been working effortlessly to bring the app new music, creating new styles of music, ideas, and talent, and continued support to communities. Additionally, they have provided their community with contests, challenges, largest and longest Smule meet-ups to date that served several hundred people, donating to charities and their on-going virtual gigs.
We are very lucky to have our friends at SmuleNesians build such a solid foundation for people to grow and share experiences, together. 
Throwback to 2013: 



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Smule joins Brent Rivera and Hollister for anti-bully campaign


All Equal

Smule is partnering with Brent Rivera and the Hollister Co. team to help spread awareness on bullying – what it is, the impact it has on people and what we can do to take action. This annual anti-bullying campaign has been very successful since they launched it in 2013. Since then, they’ve donated over $1,000,000 to the cause, reached over 1,750,000 students and awarded 30 scholarships for those who bravely overcame bullying.

On September 30th, 2016, Hollister launched it’s anti-bullying campaign and educational program for the fourth year in a row. This year’s campaign – All Equal – features 18 year old social media personality, Brent Rivera, as the central spokesperson for the campaign . In the video above, Brent goes into great detail on what bullying looks like, why it isn’t cool and simple things we can do to prevent it.

“This partnership and campaign mean a lot to me. ALL EQUAL helps create much needed awareness for the issue of bullying and I was honored to not only help support this initiative, but to have direct input in the type of content that is sent out to schools,” said Brent Rivera. “I think the video will be interesting to middle and high school students and I hope that more teens will start to stand up for what is right and help end bullying.”

Today, you can take part in the campaign on Smule!

  1. Join Lukas Graham on “Mama Said” and create your own video duet, then share on social media.
    Tag your performance and hashtag your posts –> @LukasGraham @HollisterCo #HCoAllEqual #HCOxBrent
  2. Share your bully stories with

Brent has started us off! Check out his duet with Lukas on “Mama Said.”

More on this campaign, click here!

An Important Topic to the Smule Community

Bullying and cyberbullying takes place everywhere – it’s a topic important to our community. At Smule, we strive to build and maintain an inclusive and embracing community. Supporting this campaign is part of our ongoing effort to spread awareness of bullying and ensuring that Smule is a fun and safe environment.

A personal story from our Smule Ambassadors …

“I was bullied at different points through elementary school, jr. high and high school and as someone who has lived it, I can honestly say that it’s one of the most difficult hardships one can endure.

I used to eat my lunch in a bathroom stall, terrified to face the hallways and the cafeteria for fear of ridicule. One day I decided I had had enough. I sat with my thoughts for a long while and remembered all the things I loved about ME and reminded myself that NO ONE could ever take them away.

To anyone who is being bullied, nobody can have power over you. Take it back. Remember who you are, love yourself first and foremost and know that even in the darkest of times, the light will return. You CAN and WILL survive it and you’ll emerge stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.

You’re not alone.” – ❤️ Chanticleer

“We at Singtopia Community are fortunate to have over 6,000 amazing members who not only are dedicated to the Sing! App but also embrace the guidelines in our community to create a more positive Sing! experience . Members have shared with us their feelings and concerns which many include hateful comments they receive and at times direct personal attacks on or off the app. The advice we give to our members is to remain positive, to love yourself and to reflect on what music means to them and why they joined the app. Be confident in all you do and enjoy the app for YOU! The Sing! Community is a global one that includes persons young and old with many language barriers and different personalities. It is always best to take those negative comments and turn them into a positive outcome.” – Maria Sings

“Bullying or just mean people in general are very few on Smule, because as a whole it’s a pretty supportive and inviting community. However, when it does happen, it hurts. Don’t allow people to tell you you’re not allowed to be upset about it, because you’re in charge of your own feelings. It took me a while to realize every comment doesn’t warrant a response, and most of the time that’s all those people want. My advice is to keep singing, and using the app the way YOU want. It’s all for fun in the end.”

– Diego Montana (xYego)