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#SmulePickHalloween is This Week’s Theme!

#SmulePickHalloween is This Week’s Theme!


Announcement: Singtopia, Smule group, is hosting a Halloween-themed contest the same week we are doing our #SmulePickHalloween theme! To hit two birds with one stone, hashtag your video with both #SmulePickHalloween and #SingtopiaScares!

More Info: http://tmblr.co/ZGMK1t1wE4YH9

Happy Friday, Smuleans!

For newcomers, Smule Picks is a curated playlist of Smule’s favorite performances from the Sing! community based on a theme each week. Any community member can add the weekly Smule Picks hashtag to his or her recording description for a chance to be featured in this playlist, which we publish every Friday. And since today is Friday, it’s time to unveil a brand new playlist for this past week’s theme and announce the next one!

This week’s Featured Smule Picks playlist was based on the theme: RnB! Check out the playlist right now on Smule Nation or open up the Sing! Karaoke app and tap on the Hot Performances screen.

This coming week’s theme is: Halloween! Here’s what you have to do for a chance to be featured in our Smule Picks playlist next week:

  1. Find a Halloween-y song– try looking under the Halloween tab for ideas!
  2. Add the hashtag #SmulePickHalloween
  3. Upload your recording by the deadline on Thursday, October 22nd, at noon PST.

It’s that easy! Each Friday we’ll post a new theme, giving you the chance to be featured in the Smule Picks playlist and on our social sites!



Smule Originals Contest

Smule Originals Contest – Contest Rules

This contest (the “Contest”) is conducted by Smule, Inc. (“Smule”), is subject to all applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations, and is void where prohibited by law. By entering the Contest, each participant affirms that they meet these eligibility requirements, agrees to abide by these rules, and agrees that the decisions of Smule shall be final and binding.

The Smule Originals Contest will be run August 24th – September 20th. During this timeframe you will be allowed to upload your own original song through Smule and/or sing an uploaded original song.

The judges will be composed of three musically talented people. The judging criteria will be as follows: melody, lyrics, song composition, songwriting technique, uniqueness, and originality.

Grand prize: Up to two winners (1 composer and 1 singer) will be considered for the grand prize. Grand prize winners will be flown out to SF Smule headquarters to professionally record and master the original piece. In addition, we will create a professional music video of the song.

Finalists: 10 finalists will have their song available in the Sing! songbook under the tab Smule Originals.

How to enter:

As a songwriter, submit your song to the contest*:

  1. First, add your song into the Sing! Songbook (For more details on how to upload, see our entry directions on the web) .
  2. Tag your song MyOriginal. This way singers can find it and perform it. 
  3. *To officially enter the contest, a singer (it can be yourself) must create a recording with your original.

To officially enter the contest, a singer will have to create a recording with an original song.

  1. First, find an original song – Check out the playlist on the Smule Originals page or search for songs with the  #MyOriginal hashtag. You can do this on web, mobile, or in app.
  2. Sing! and tag your recording  #MyOriginal. Remember the URL, because you will need it to enter. One way to get the URL is to use the share icons to send it to yourself.
  3. Finally, fill out the form found on our blog! Enter the URL of your recording! Entries will be added to a playlist under the “Hot Recordings” section!

All songs must formally be entered via the form, which can be found on Smule.com/SmuleOriginalsContest with both the completed recording.

Entries may only be submitted after the start of the Contest and must comply with all applicable laws, including copyright laws. Any entry deemed by Smule to be in poor taste or obscene will be disqualified. No purchase is necessary to enter the Contest.

Winner Selection: Winners will be determined by the Smule team based on melody, lyrics, song composition, songwriting technique, uniqueness, and originality Smule will announce the prize winners via our blog, and also on Smule’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on September 25. Smule will contact the winners by email to confirm the prize.

Entry in the Contest constitutes each participant’s irrevocable, perpetual permission and consent, without further compensation or attribution, for Smule and/or others authorized by Smule, to use the participant’s entry and name, Sing! username, and likeness for advertising, commercial, and publicity purposes by, in any and all media, throughout the world, for the duration of the copyright in that entry. Smule and/or others authorized by Smule shall have the right to edit, adapt, and modify each entry. Each participant releases and discharges Smule from any and all liability in connection with the Contest.

Eligibility: The contest is open to all members of the public. If the winner is deemed to be a minor under the jurisdiction of their residence, the winner’s parent or legal guardian must execute the necessary affidavit and release in a timely manner or an alternate winner may be chosen.


The Smulenesians Musician Battle

The Smulenesians Musician Battle

The SNrockerz ― a sub-group of the SmuleNesians, one of the many user-formed collaboration groups on Smule ― recently hosted the first musicians contest on Smule to date (that we know of!).  It offered a stage to showcase not only musicians’ ability to sing a cover, but also their capacity to essentially recreate the song with their own touch. They called this ‘Smulenesians Musician Battle’ or SNMB! They established a set of guidelines, held elimination rounds and appointed judges.

The judges, FairusAdam, AryaRitchie, Blackwaters, J_thomas, and AronMichales, critiqued each person based on a set of 7 challenge criteria ― e.g. changing a song’s chords from major to minor! The contest was held for about 40 days with 3 elimination rounds followed by semifinals and the grand finale! Iam Blackwaters walks us through each round below:

  • Round 1 challenged contestants to change the genre of a song; for example, if a song they selected was originally a rock song, they had to change it to another genre, like ska, reggae, punk, etc.
  • Round 2 challenged contestants to change the original chords of the song from major to minor. Contestants also had to feature a minimum of two vocalist on the song cover to test their abilities on vocal directing.
  • Round 3  challenged contestants to rearrange a song using only 3 basic chords through the whole song with extra modulation on them. The arrangement had to include two lead guitar sessions with contestants having to feature at least one guitarist from other SNMB contestant for a lead guitar session.

Iam continues, “Our favorite part from this contest is to hear their interpretations on a song cover, because their cover is pure originality- their own unique versions!”

Not only were their contest requirements incredibly difficult, the contestants blew us away!! The depth of talent that went into making these performances, recrafting pieces to create something new and their own … we are constantly amazed and awed by our community.  And, we remain one of their biggest fans!

Below are the winners of the challenge:

ariessetyo (Winner)





The #iRigVoice Challenge – Contest Announcement

The #iRigVoice Challenge – Contest Announcement

The iRig mic is the mic of choice for many of our members within the Sing! Community. To help our users better express themselves musically, and to celebrate the wonderful talent within the Smule Sing! Community, we’re collaborating with IK Multimedia, the makers of the iRig mic to bring you the “iRig Voice Challenge”! We want to hear your voice through an original song performed either through the song book, or the open mic.

The contest will run from 7/18/14 to 8/6/14. Download Sing Karaoke here.

How To Enter

1. In Sing! Karaoke, choose a song from the songbook and sing your own lyrics, or create an open mic performance with your own lyrics (bonus points if you can incorporate Smule and iRig Voice into your lyrics).

2. Include the hashtag #iRigVoice in your song description and save the performance.

3. Smule and IK Multimedia will judge the performances based on creative merit and handpick a grand prize winner and runner-ups.


1. Grand prize: 1 grand prize entry will be selected to receive an iLoud Portable Bluetooth Speaker, an iKlip product of their choice, a Smule T-shirt personally signed by the Smule Team, an iRig Voice signed by the IK Multimedia team, a 1-year subscription to Smule Pass in Sing! Karaoke, a featured spot on the app, and a blog post written about them on blog.smule.com.

2. Runner-up prizes: 20 contest entries will be selected to receive a new iRig Voice Mic (it comes in all colors of the rainbow!) and a featured spot in the Smule Picks playlist on Smule.com as well as within the Sing! app.

Feel free to share your performance on Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The world should hear your creativity!

Happy Singing!


Official Contest Rules