Smule 1:1 Presents – Squad Goals: Nature

Hey Smuliverse it’s Manny and Meli here! We are back to bring you another fun filled episode! The season is changing and so are our Squad Goal themes. This week we introduce our Squad Goals “Nature” Winners.

Squad Goals: Nature

Ahh, isn’t nature magical? Speaking of Magic, our next Squad Goals Challenge is Magic! Let’s get those mystical energies put into some fun collabs and give us Squad Goal envy!


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Here are this week’s winners:

@__PEACEFUL_JOIN : 1000 Coins

@SHAUNAKISS91 : 500 Coins

@SOSBELLO1982 : 250 Coins

For a chance to win some awesome coins, Rate a ton of songs via the link below:

Smule 1:1’s Champions

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Smule 1:1 Presents – Teri Dade

Hey Smuliverse it’s Manny and Meli here! We are back to bring you another fun filled episode this week! Our Spotlight artist was the amazing California babe Teri Dade! Don’t forget to follow her and join her on her awesome collabs.

Spotlight: Teri Dade

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Here are this week’s winners:

@__Peaceful_Join : 1000 Coins

@_IAM_Butterfly : 500 Coins

@MsJ_FallenAngel : 250 Coins

For a chance to win some awesome coins, Rate a ton of songs via the link below:

MF’s ##TheBadHabits: Shout

Have you guys been naughty? Well The Bad Habits are here to SHOUT you out!

Featured Collabs

And Smule 1:1 wouldn’t be complete with some amazing hits. Check out this week’s featured collabs!

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Smule 1:1 Presents – #SquadGoalSpace

Hello and Hi there fellow Smulians, this week’s episode was a fun packed intergalactic time. We started off with our Squad Goal Space winners, who were out of this World! Quick reminder that our next Squad Goals challenge is all about your Mother…Nature that is. Have you and your awesome squad submit a groovy collab that’s all about nature. Don’t forget to let your imagination go wild!


Current Theme – #SquadGoalNature

#SquadGoalSpace Winners

Smule 1:1 Champions

This week we finally got to introduce to you all our newest segment …drum rolls…

Smule 1:1 Champions! This new segment will be dedicated to promote competition related news and the amazing winners all throughout the community. A hub for all of your competition needs.

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Smule Spotlight: @BlackWaters

As #SuaraSmule has come to an end, we wanted to highlight the winning team, and the host Ilhma, as part of #BlackWaters as you can see on the new playlist #TeamBlackwaters in-app!
Blackwaters has been on Smule since the beginning and has actually been on of the FIRST parter artists nearly 4 years ago while being in the community over 5 years ago. He is an active member of one of the most well known Indonesian community group, SmuleNesians. He is almost at 100k followers on Smule and has his music up on iTunes! Let’s dive a little deeper with our friend, Ilham.
1) Describe your self in a few sentences (where are you from, hobbies, interests) 
My name is ilham, everyone called me iam, I’m from jakarta Indonesia, businessman & musicians, i love reading fantasy books & scifi movies. Love everything about universe
2) What is your relationship with music? 
So intense 😂 for me music is life, i play guitar & piano, song writer & lyricist, make music events & creative music activities.
3) Favorite part of #SuaraSmule? 
Got to know lots of talented peeps, also got to see some senior smule users who still join the competitions, they’re still enjoying life on their 60’s. I wanna be like them 😂
4) what can we expect with your music in the future? 
Wait for my new singles 🙈
5) Any advice for musicians in the making? 
Find your own style, be open mind with all genre’s and let your soul be your pilot

Smule User Spotlight: @BrigittaHardi


Smule User Spotlight: @BrigittaHardi

Brigitta is a member of Official Smule Indonesia and also SmuleNesians community, who just released her first single “Pesan Rahasia” (Secret Message). Check out the official video lyric below:

Check out more on Brigitta here!

What is your name and your Smule ID?
My name is Brigitta and my Smule ID is brigittahardi

Where are you from?
I was raised in Palembang, Sumatera, Indonesia, and took a college time in Solo, Central Java, and then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, since 2008.

When did you start to use Smule app and what do you think about it?
I started using this app two years ago. I was just using Smule to sing because I love singing and Smule has so many good song choices. Also as a corporate “slave”, I need something to release the stress from the workload.

But then, it became more than just a karaoke app, because I met a lot of friends from this app through joining some Smule communities. From there, I started to build a network with many talented people who I know from Smule. In addition, I also use this app to work on my vocal by singing various songs from various genres. It also enrich my music references. I can say that Smule has help me to bring back my passion in music and singing.

Tell us about your first single “Pesan Rahasia”.
I wrote this song last year, in the middle of the night with ukulele in my hand. It’s not my first song actually, because I already wrote some before. But this song was seems special at that time and I think I should do something with this song. And then with my music partner (who also someone I met from Smule, Riana, we developed this song together with a music producer. I am so lucky to be able to cooperate with top and great musicians in Indonesia, such as Toma (Mocca Band) and Ivan (Payung Teduh Band) and also a sound engineer, Daniel Samarkand, who played role in Payung Teduh’s album Ruang Tunggu. It was a smooth process until this song was released in various digital stores.

Tell us the fun facts about you.
– I am Marvel big fan and my fave character is Dr. Strange!
– I am very influenced with jazz music from from 50’s era and Indonesian music from 80’s era.
– On my playlist right now: Esperanza Spalding and Lalah Hathaway.
– I was a member of Voca Erudita (University Choir) and won several national and international competitions with them. Such a great moments.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be and why?
I think I would be just who I am now with a little bit enhancement on the memory ability because I kind of forgetful. Just a simple power to help me remember where I park my car or put the key to make my life easier 😀

Is there anything you would like to add?
Music is something that I cannot leave, its like in my blood since I was born. My dad taught me hard when I was a kid: that I had to practice singing everyday because he believes in my potential. But when you grew up sometimes you forget what you really want to do in life and focus on other things. But there is no due date to realize that you still have that potential in you, and start making a new step in life is not a scary thing. Everyone has their own pace in life. Thanks to Smule and everyone I met on the journey of finding my passion again!

Introducing Smule Peru Community

Optimized-Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.32.42 AM

Smule Peru Community

We are glad to introduce the first Official Peruvian Community on Sing! Smule. A community of Peruvian friends for all Peruvians users in Smule. The main objective is to promote this amazing Karaoke App to all Peruvians around the world, so more people could enjoy singing their favorite songs with friends, family and even with Smule artists.

Meet new friends thru singing, take part in our enjoyable group songs, participate in the weekly “Smule Picks”, post your best performances and attend the community meetings in different places of the World. It doesn’t matter if you are in a different countries out of Peru or even if you have Peruvian roots, in the Community Smule Peru there is a place for everyone.

If you want to take part in the official community and meet Peruvian users from Smule, you could find us and contact us through our Smule Peru Facebook fan page and joining the Group.

Facebook Official Fan Page:

Facebook Official Group (Community Smule Peru):

Find us too on LINE, with these LINE ID: diegopaul92/@ssz2405w

Smule Peru Creators: Diego (@Paulizinho), Luis (@SD_Lucho), Letha (@Letha_DVC), Lea (@Lea_Rocca), Silvana (@_Silvanna_)