Hello Smule Community,

As part of our commitment to collaboration and safety on the Smule platform we are taking steps to further improve the LiveJam experience. While we collaborate with members of our community on an update to LiveJam, for the overall community experience and safety, we will be setting every LiveJam to private mode by default.

Starting June 3rd, all LiveJams will be automatically set to private mode. We strongly recommend always keeping your LiveJam’s private and only inviting your most trusted friends directly. Unfortunately, public mode encourages some bad actors to ruin the experience for the rest of us. If you choose to set your LiveJam public, never share personal information such as location, address, place of work, school, passwords, financial or any other identifying information.

Let’s keep ourselves and each other safe by reporting abusive behavior, blocking bad actors, and not sharing any revealing or personal information, like your location.

Want some more tips on how to Stay Safe on Smule or a refresher on what you can do to help keep our Smule community awesome? Check out the Smule Community Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions HERE!

Thank you,

Smule Community Team