Ampersand the Band Background



Ampersand the Band Background

Smule’s very own Ampersand the Band is flying all the way out to Sweden to partake in Live at Heart (Scandinavia’s largest music & tech event), during the second weekend of September. The band came together by spending their time after work on Fridays at the Smule HQ, over time 4 of them (Andi, Anton, Dean and Ruben) came together and decided to start practicing more outside of just Friday. Over time, they grew to find their sound and starting writing music – they have already crafted 20 original songs, some are on Spotify! Although they have performed together a variety of times throughout SF, this will be the first time they perform together outside of California! Really cool


Smule Sweden Meet Up!


We are excited to set up a Smule Meet Up specific for anyone who lives in Sweden (or Scandinavia) to come together, share stories, sing, laugh and play! We are so excited to meet all of our! We also know #TheSweeds are coming up on their 4th anniversary on Smule in November, so it will be an early celebration for our family in Sweden! <insert celebration Emoji>


Want to join the party? Click here!

Ampersand at Live at Heart


They will play 3 times at live and Heart and will be hosting a Smule booth to meet with awesome musicians, aspiring musicians, singers, songwriters, smulers and more!

Here is their schedule!

  • “Ampersand Friday 7 sept Makeriet 23.00
  • “Ampersand Saturday 8 sept Nikolaikyrkan 19.00
  • “Ampersand Saturday 8 sept Scandic Cupole 22.00


Keep on rockin’ and see you there!


Em Rossi Exclusive Single Release with Smule! May 14th!

We are so thrilled to announce that Partner Artist, Em Rossi, will be exclusively releasing her new single “No Longer The Same” on May 14th with Smule! 
The song, written by Em, was recorded and produced a year ago at the renowned music studio, Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, Washington with producer Ryan Hadlock. who has produced for artists such as Vance JoyThe Lumineers, Train, Lionel Richie, and Brandi Carlile
Smule users will get a personal experience like never before seen on the app. Users can join the first duet of a live performance ever! A few months back, Rossivisited the Smule headquarters where she spoke and performed a live solo and duet video in front of our entire San Francisco office. Users will get to join her performance and feel the experience of actually performing live in front of an audience!
Be sure to share the news with your friends and family! Please support Em Rossi and follow her on Smule and her other social media platforms!
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Starting the Adventure with Em Rossi – Part 2


As the second day began, I could tell the song was already beginning to find it’s magic. The morning was spent with Ryan and I working on synths and percussion. I walked around the studio space with Ryan as he opened drawers filled with an abundance of instruments, everyday objects, and many other things I could not tell you the name of.

One of the greatest things about being at Bear Creek is the peace it brings. There are no cars, no neighbors, no TV, or internet to distract you. The song that was being made was the sole focus inside the old converted barn. We slowly added the needed sounds here and there to encompass the bones of the track.

In the afternoon, multi-instrumentalist Kimo Muraki arrived and began his work. Starting on horns, Kimo kept grabbing different kinds of horns one after the other building an entire surging horn section by himself. Coming back into the main room he then picked up Ryan’s guitar and started trickling notes here and there on the pre-chorus. I will forever be jealous of his instrumentation. It’s always an incredible feeling when you hear how elevated a song becomes when the right sound is added onto it. It’s the feeling you get when you finally find that puzzle piece you’ve been searching for hours for.

The second main day of work on “No Longer The Same” was finished. After everyone had left the studio and my mom was in the treehouse on the other side of the property, I sat alone at the piano. There was nothing like that feeling of sitting at the piano bench entirely alone in a barn at midnight.

Don’t miss out on Part 3!

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Sing “Azucar Amargo” with Pedro Capó


Sing “Azucar Amargo” with Pedro Capó

Pedro Capó is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and musician, he is also the grandson of the famous singer Bobby Capó from the 1940’s who was memorable for his Latino pop songs which featured elaborate, dramatic lyrics. Safe to say Pedro is following the same road in keeping the Latin music alive and fresh.

P.S. HBO latino is bringing you an exclusive special with Pedro! DO NOT MISS: PEDRO CAPÓ: EN LETRA DE OTRO  on August 11th at 9PM! Sneak peak trailer below :)

Sing “Azucar Amargo” with Pedro Capó

Sing “I Swear” with “All-4-One”

Sing “I Swear” with All-4-One


The American male R&B band, All-4-One, is all for Smule with their 1994 hit single, “I Swear.”  If you went to school dances in 1994 then you know that the night wasn’t over until “I Swear” was played as everyone’s favorite slow dance song.  The song went viral as they were America’s new favorite boy band after The New Kids On The Block tapered off.

Separately, the band is made up of talented artists: Jamie Jones, Delicious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez, and Tony Borowiak, but together they are one.  The group has sold 22 million records worldwide and has been awarded a Grammy for their pop single, “I Swear,” and an AMA for their song “So Much in Love.”

All-4-One is still going strong to this day.  They never broke up and still interact with their fanbase.  It’s time to bring back one of America’s biggest pop acts and most loved boy band.  Join All-4-One for a duet in the Sing! By Smule app to harmonize to the words of “I Swear.”


Join All-4-One now on Sing!

#SingwithSFOpera with 4 new partner artists




It’s that time of year where we celebrate all-things Opera-related here at Smule! Every year, San Francisco Opera takes over the entire AT&T Park to give our lovely city an opportunity to Sing-along to Opera on the giant screen. Over 30,000 join in to sing “Take me out to the Opera,” with Smule Sing! running on the jumbotron. This also happens to be the largest group performance on Smule Sing! to date.

In addition, last year we put together this montage video of Smule Sing!ers from around the world joining in with San Francisco Opera’s Irene Roberts on “Habanera” from Carmen by G. Bizet!


Join in this year and sing with the artists below! :)

Ildebrando D’Arcangelo as Don Giovanni and Sarah Shafer as Zerlina from Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart 

Sing with IIdebrando or Sing with Sarah



Ellie Dehn as Musetta from La Bohème by G. Puccini

Sing with Ellie Dehn


Pene Pati as The Duke from Rigoletto by G. Verdi

Sing with Pene Pati