We love working with people who are as passionate about Smule as we are

An immeasurable part of what makes Smule special is our community. And within every great community are community leaders that go above and beyond to make that community even better. We’d like to recognize and introduce you to some such individuals. These people have proactively initiated, organized, and continue to manage independent user groups and programs to enrich user experiences on Smule. Because of their experience and willingness to help, they have become an invaluable resource to Smule as a bridge to reach more of the community, and they continue to volunteer their time to help Smule become better. ​

Meet the Smule Ambassadors

Juliohelp 92441354 (can crop)
Brazil Ambassador | On Smule since 2013
Işıl Akmeşe
Turkey Ambassador | On Smule since 2013
Smule Ambassador
Philippines Ambassador | On Smule since 2019
Co-Founder of @Singtopia and Ambassador | On Smule since 2012
SonnySinnay Picture
The Voice Finalist and Ambassador | On Smule since 2015
Sandra Ambassador
Sweden Ambassador | On Smule since 2012
Smule Ambassador
Ambassador and founder of GVO | On Smule since 2012
Joy Dehany
UK Ambassador | On Smule since 2016
Kirsty Holden
Ambassador & co-founder of @Badassadors | On Smule since 2016

What is the Smule Ambassador Program?

  • Multi-faceted Ambassadors Recognition in various official Smule Channels
  • Ability to host, organize and lead various promotional activities for Smule users with amazing prizes provided by Smule
  • Be among the first to know about upcoming new features or changes to the Smule app
  • Free VIP, as long as you remain active and engaged Ambassador
  • …and many more
  • Be active, empowering and engage with the Smule community
  • Create engaging content and share with Smule users
  • Engage your followers and reward them with various campaign

Want to become an Ambassador?