@HerbAndri will give some useful tips and tricks to sound great on Smule!

Mark your calendar! We’re excited to welcome Andreas, aka @HerbAndri back for another YouTube takeover this Friday, July 10th. This time, he’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you sound your best on Smule! You won’t want to miss it. Tune in on 7/10/20 at 4pm UTC.

If you missed his first takeover, be sure to check it out here . Andreas shared some fun ways to get involved and attend Smule meet-ups!

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Introducing the new AutoRap – The mobile app that takes your rap game to the next level

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the new and improved AutoRap, allowing both amateurs and emerging artists to easily create high-quality rap videos with a click of their phone.

Our mission is to bring music back to its roots and encourage anyone to join in. With AutoRap, Smule makes rap more accessible – easier for anyone to lay down their first hip hop track, no matter their skill level. At the same time, experienced rappers are empowered with the resources they need to share their tracks with the world and grow their following.

The new AutoRap adds video for the first time, allowing users to showcase their talent and post great-looking videos for the community to enjoy. A lyrics tab allows them to be displayed alongside videos for listeners to follow along. An all-new content feed makes it easy to browse tracks from the community, get noticed, earn respect and grow followers by sharing your rap songs and participating in contests and challenges.

See AutoRap in action here:

  • Introducing Rap Mode Video. Produce your own rap video today. Now you can record a high-quality rap video – with nothing but your phone. Turn on that camera and start rapping.
  • Experience Talk Mode. High-quality raps in just a few taps. With Talk Mode, turn any spoken words into a rap track in just a few easy steps. Simply talk into your phone and watch AutoRap morph your speech into rap with autotune and beat-matching flow.
  • New Lyrics Tab to show your flow. Now you can display your own lyrics alongside your video so the community can follow along with you.
  • Add your own beats. Have an original beat of your own? Lay your own verses on top and upload it to AutoRap alongside all-time classics and the latest hip hop and R&B hits. Get other rappers from the community to try it out and create new songs.
  • Meet and engage with other rappers. Rapping is meant to be shared. Join the AutoRap community and explore great songs. Share your own, get props, and put your name out there. Meet new people and take other AutoRap users’ challenges. AutoRap will blend the turn-by-turn rap-off into a single track.
  • Share and connect. Rap about something that matters to you and connect with others. Share your rap recordings with your friends via text message, email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

LiveJam Private Mode

Hello Smule Community,

As part of our commitment to collaboration and safety on the Smule platform we are taking steps to further improve the LiveJam experience. While we collaborate with members of our community on an update to LiveJam, for the overall community experience and safety, we will be setting every LiveJam to private mode by default.

Starting June 3rd, all LiveJams will be automatically set to private mode. We strongly recommend always keeping your LiveJam’s private and only inviting your most trusted friends directly. Unfortunately, public mode encourages some bad actors to ruin the experience for the rest of us. If you choose to set your LiveJam public, never share personal information such as location, address, place of work, school, passwords, financial or any other identifying information.

Let’s keep ourselves and each other safe by reporting abusive behavior, blocking bad actors, and not sharing any revealing or personal information, like your location.

Want some more tips on how to Stay Safe on Smule or a refresher on what you can do to help keep our Smule community awesome? Check out the Smule Community Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions HERE!

Thank you,

Smule Community Team

“Hope Will Never Be Silent”

“Hope will never be silent”
– Harvey Milk

As a team, we stand with the Black community. Our world has no place for hate or racism. As Dr. King said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” It’s important for all of us to use our voices to speak out against injustice. Only by confronting the issue and having honest discussions, as difficult as they may be, will we make progress.

Smule was built on the fundamental belief that music connects us. Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to share music as a way to help us recognize and better understand our similarities – and differences – in an effort to bring us closer together.

We remain committed in our dedication to offering our platform as a safe place to be heard, celebrated and united.

– Smule Team

Andreas gave us some useful ‘Meetup Tips’ during the first Smule YouTube live

Andreas’s Smule story

Andreas, or @HerbAndri (as most of you know him) is a dedicated Smule user. He is German but he was born and raised in Spain. Andreas has been on Smule since 2016 and Smule has become a big part of his life. He actively uses Smule every day and Smule is his number one hobby. He especially loves the Smule community.

“Community is what makes Smule special,” commented Andi.

Andreas and the Smule community

Andreas has traveled around the world, visiting Australia, America and New Zealand, where he met the people part of the Smule community members.

Find out more about some useful ‘Meetup Tips’ Andreas gave during the first Smule YouTube live .

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#TamilHits Contest Winners!

We are excited to announce the winners of the #TamilHits contest. We received so many amazing entries across the board from all of the musicians & singers on Smule. So now, we announce the winners…


VIP winners:

Winners will be gratified within one week of the result announcement!