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MySC 2nd Anniversary (Malaysia)

 MySC 2nd Anniversary (Malaysia)
In conjunction with MySC 2nd Anniversary 13th Sep 2017, we kicked off our celebrations earlier on 13th Aug 2017 organising Malaysian Smule Bowling Competition. This event was held at WangsaBowl, Wangsa Walk, Kuala Lumpur from 9am to 1pm. 13 groups with 52 bowlers and 30 supporters attended this unforgettable event.
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The Winners

​King & Queen Pin

During this event, MySC announced and launched a Digital Event named Sensational September to celebrate and showcase talented Malaysian Smulean. There’s 3 categories includes Smule Group, Vocal Group & Duo performance. The official hashtag for this event is:

Selected best performances and Smule Groups which has been established more than 2 years were featured in MySC social media platforms. We featured them in MySC FB from 3rd September onwards until end of the month, every night at 8pm, Prime TIme.
Please refer this link for 
V5 : Listen
3 GEIST : Rose of Sharyn
Family Smule Letop (FSL) : Suluhkan Sinar
Dedicated this humanity messages in memoriam of the Tsunami Tragedy, 24th Dec 2004
Apache : Bagaikan Sakti & 7 Syarat
Performing a snippets from the Legendary Mount Ledang Princess the Musical & Movie soundtrack
SILANTRA : You Raised Me UP
MySM : Jampi
Faiz Nordin & Eri Zaha : Ebody & Ivory
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