CommunitySing the song from the Smule TV ad with Train

Sing the song from the Smule TV ad with Train


We’re celebrating many great moments for our company and our community these days.  Today, we’re excited to announce, and share directly with you, our first US TV ad featuring Train’s lead singer, Pat Monahan. And guess who is singing in the ad right along with him? Some of our very own singers. We’re pretty sure you will recognize a few of them. 😉

When we decided to create a TV ad to show the world what all of you already know – that singing brings you joy and connection like nothing else – we didn’t need to look any further than you, our passionate community, for our cast.

“We are always looking for creative and innovative ways to connect with our fans,” said Pat Monahan of Train. “There’s no other place where an artist can go and engage with their fans on a deeper level and we can’t wait to see all the amazing duets of “Play That Song” on Smule Sing!”

Swear you’ve heard that tune before?
Train’s “Play That Song” is a adapted and modernized version of the Hoagie Carmichael classic “Heart and Soul.” Remind anyone of piano lessons?

It’s your turn to Sing! “Play That Song”

Join Train’s Pat Monahan in a duet of “Play that Song.” Or sing it with the amazing singers who were featured in the TV ad. Or both! Just get singing.

Sing “Play that Song” with Train 

Sing with the talent in the video:

AdriannaMondelli –>  Sing with her

Sarah_TV — Sing with her

_DavidLumar –> Sing with him

Mariah_TV –> Sing with her

ShevonnJade –> Sing with her