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Smule Spotlight: LanaDelNovus


Smule Spotlight: LanaDelNovus

Hi, I’m Lana! A Jersey girl, born and raised (I swear it’s not as bad as you think!). I’ve been a part of the Smule Sing! app for a little over a year now and have had an amazing experience. Getting to sing with talented people from all across the world is awesome! I’ve grown so much as an artist, constantly being challenged to better myself, and constantly being inspired by the amazing talent that surrounds me. I’m lucky enough to be a part of two groups on the app, TheMusicBox and Novus, where I’m endlessly supported as an artist and friend.

What makes you most excited to Sing!?

Singing brings me happiness and I hope my music brings joy to others. Music is a universal language that anyone and everyone can understand. It is quite incredible that the Smule app creates connections between people from all across the world. Being a part of this community has enriched my life immeasurably.

Who influences you the most?

Hands down, my family. Everything I do is for them!

Share a fun fact? 

When I’m not singing or shuffling my beautiful daughters around in the car, (usually done simultaneously, car singing AMIRITE??) I can often be found on the soccer pitch!

Can you share one quote or saying you love, that keeps you going in life?

“If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing.” – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I may not be able to fly, but music gives me the freedom of expression, and that is something I will never forget. 🙂

If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Give me literally anything covered in Nutella and I’m happy!