Community#SmulePickMashup is This Week’s Theme!

#SmulePickMashup is This Week’s Theme!

#SmulePickMashup is This Week’s Theme!

Attention: You must make the song within the week of the the Smule Pick Theme. We are no longer allowing you to re-use old songs by attaching the hashtag. We really want to encourage all you talented Sing!ers to create new recordings! 

Happy Friday, Smuleans!

Smule Picks is a curated playlist of Smule’s favorite performances from the Sing! community based on a central theme every week. Any community member can add the weekly Smule Picks hashtag to their recording or video description for a chance to be featured in this playlist. We publish a new Smule Picks playlist every Friday. And today being Friday, it’s time to unveil a brand new playlist and announce next week’s theme!

First, we present this week’s Featured Smule Picks playlist, which was based on the theme Holiday. Check out the playlist right now on Smule Nation, or head over to the Sing! Karaoke app and tap on the Explore screen.

This week’s theme is: Mashup! Here’s what you have to do for a chance to be featured in the “Smule Picks” playlist next week:

1) Create any audio or video performance that’s a mashup, which could mean changing the lyrics (maybe even creating a parody), adding your own instruments or combining two different songs!

2) Add the hashtag #SmulePickMashup in your song description (not in the comments section).

3) Upload your performance by the deadline on December 19 at noon PST.

It’s that easy! Each Friday we post a new theme, giving you the chance to be featured on the Smule Picks playlist and our Smule social sites! 🙂