** Update on tee-shirts! We don’t have any tee-shirts in stock at the moment, we will have more information on this front later this week. Please feel free to continue with your meet-ups as you normally would singing, dancing, engaging and send photos our way so we can post them on our socials! Keep on rockin’ 🙂

Smuleans are connecting through music every single day through our apps, and sometimes they also meet in person to make music together! The community has come to calling these Smule meetups: they can be large or small and happen any where in the world – it’s up to you. With the help of our enterprising superfans, we’ve created this guide to help you learn more about the growing world of meetups and give you some tips and tricks as you start organizing (or attending) a meetup somewhere in the world.


If you want to organize a meetup but are unsure how to do it, don’t worry, there are a lot of people in the community who can help you out. And with meetups happening all the time around the world, you may want to try attending one that has already been organized before organizing one of your own.

Here are some handy resources to help get you started on your Meetup journey!

Smule Sing! Meetups Group on Facebook:

Chat with other Smuleans looking to meetup, and find out about meetups that are being organized. Please note this is a private fan group, so you’ll need to get a moderator’s approval to pos.

Smule Meetup Email Address:

We love it when fans get together to enjoy music together! If you’d like to receive a care package of Smule t-shirts from us, please write us at

Due to the increase in tee-shirt requests, we have an updated list of requests we need:

  1. The number of shirts
  2. How many you would like in each size
  3. The Sing! Name of each attendee with their size!
  4. We’ll need this list at least two weeks before your event to make sure we get the shirts to you on time. (Please also note this is subject to availability of our shirts)

Following up on the meet-up, we ask you send photos/videos to of your meet-up so we can post on our blog! Spread the love!

Ready to start planning the nuts-and-bolts of the meetup? Here are some suggested steps to take. In general, you should give yourself plenty of time to organize and promote the meetup depending on how many people you are looking at to attend. And remember – if you are requesting shirts from Smule, be sure to send us a list at least two weeks notice prior to the meetup to make sure the t-shirts are sent out.

As a host, it is advisable to have an idea of the following information before you promote your meetup:

  • Suggested Date and Time
  • Suggested City and Venue
  • Who will be helping you plan the meetup if anyone?
  • How many people would you like to have, or plan on having attend the meetup?
  • How much will the meetup cost. This will give people an idea of what they will have to spend.

Spread the word
Get other Smuleans involved in your meetup! There are plenty of places to find likeminded Smuleans on our website, in our apps, or within friendly fan-made groups. A great way to promote your Meetup is with a Facebook Event or by using so that people can RSVP! This will also help you figure out how many people will be showing up to the shindig.

T-Shirts (send email 3 weeks before meetup)
Once the meetup is planned and promoted, you may want to gather information for T-shirts of people who are committed to attending the meetup. Our shirts are uni-sex!

Once you’ve gathered this information you will need to send an e-mail to us at at least two weeks prior to the meetup in order for Smule to be able to send T-shirts of the right sizes. Please include the following in that e-mail:

  • Smule Username
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Address
  • Phone Number
  • T-Shirt Size for yourself
  • Smule Sing! names of all attendees

Once approved, we will follow up with a form to get tee-shirts and ship them out to your destination.

Pre-Meetup Checklist (1 week to meetup)
Sometime before the day of the meetup, you will want to double check that:

  • Everyone attending is still going
  • Attendees know when and where the meetup is
  • People can contact you if they are having issues
  • T-Shirts are on their way

During the Meetup
On the day of the meetup, remember to have fun! You’ve earned it!

Don’t forget the T-shirts!
Also, try to remember to take a group photo and ask attendees to post their pictures, videos, and any recordings they generate to post on the Meetup Event Page.

After the Meetup
When the meetup is over, we’d love to hear about your experience and see any photo albums you create! We’d love to see your pictures and videos – they might even be featured on our blog!