ProductAutoRap 2.0 – Major update and redesign!

AutoRap 2.0 – Major update and redesign!

AutoRap 2.0 – Major update and redesign!

Sup! Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on AutoRap. Taking all your feedback and suggestions into consideration, we’re proud to show off the latest and greatest iteration. We worked hard…time for you to play hard. Check out the fresh, new AutoRap 2.0!

  • Totally New Look: We’ve given AutoRap a major facelift! Give her a spin and tell us what you think.

autorap old-new

  • Challenge the World: Face off against rappers all around the world in our new Rap Battle feed.
  • Record Scratch: Now you can scratch records like a real DJ to give your verses some extra style.


  • Longer Raps: We’ve made the maximum recording time longer for more epic throwdowns!
  • Create Your Crew: Smule friends with AutoRap are now automatically added to your invite list so you can rap with your crew anytime, anywhere.
  • Improved Battle Invitations: Battle Invites are easier to use, so you get into your rap faster.


  • Improved Top Rappers Screen: Now it’s even easier to check out the best raps!

Stay tuned for more AutoRap in future updates. Until then, hit us up at and like us on Facebook!

Rap Battle Contest: Accept rapper An0maly’s challenge for a chance to win an iPad Air and other cool Smule swagDetails.