ProductBookmark Invites on Sing iOS

Bookmark Invites on Sing iOS


Exciting news for Sing! iOS users: Now you can bookmark invites you’d like to join later!

Have you ever lost track of an invite that you wanted to join? Or forgot about one until it was too late?  As one of the most requested features from our community, bookmarking invites will allow you to track those you want to join in one place, easily keeping tabs on how long you have to join. We’re testing this feature on iOS first, and it will come to Sing Android next month.

To bookmark an invite, tap the “…” button from screens you see an invite you want to bookmark. Then choose “Bookmark Invite”:

01_bookm_notification 02_bookm_chat


03_bookm_feed 04_bookm_feed_bookmarking

Your bookmarks will be privately saved to the Invites tab under your own profile, below the invites you created.


Expired and closed invites will be automatically removed from your bookmark list. To manually remove a bookmark, go to your bookmark list and tap “…” then “Remove Bookmark”.

06_bookm_profile remove 07_bookm_profile_removing


We hope this helps you join more collabs and connect with more of your friends. Please email us at if you have any questions or suggestions!