Community“Connecting the world through music” has a much deeper meaning.

“Connecting the world through music” has a much deeper meaning.

“Music is more than just listening — music also includes creating, sharing, discovering, participating and connecting. Music is the original social network, with the power to break down barriers, touch souls, and bring people from all over the world together”

Gilly’s Story:

My name is Amy Gilligan, I am better know as GillyInTheMist. I joined Smule in June 2017, back then I didn’t realise how joining the app would end up being a pivotal moment in my life. Smule led me to the most wonderful human in the world, the love of my life & my best friend.

I started singing with Mikel Dye, better known as Crashmusic69, a good few months after joining Smule. Mikel is from the U.S. & I am from Ireland. We ended up regularly singing together because we have a similar taste in music, and from there a friendship grew. As time passed by, we got to know each, became very good friends and thereby realised we had a lot in common & that our personalities were very similar. Mikel & I were both going through some difficult things & experiencing major life changes. Singing for us was an escape from that. We supported each other through the hard days, made each other laugh, and that experience bonded us.

After months of talking everyday we decided to meet each other. I made the trip to the U.S to meet Mikel in June 2018. When we met in the airport it was so surreal, it felt like I had know Mikel my whole life. There were no awkward silences, it just felt right. I knew from the moment I looked into his beautiful bright eyes I was totally in love with this man. We spent an amazing few weeks together and before I left to make the trip back to Ireland, we decided to give long distance a go. We have been back and forth to see each other every couple of months ever since.

Mikel surprised me on Friday 26th of October by flying to Ireland, my family & friends knew he was coming but I, of course, was none the wiser. He called me at 5:30am to tell me he sent a parcel and paid for it to arrive early before I had to go to work. This was the morning of my work Halloween party. (I had a huge disaster with my Halloween outfit during that week, I attempted to hand-sew a Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas dress but it ended up ripping and It was too late to make another, so the parcel was a Halloween costume for me.) I opened the door and there was Mikel with a Sally Skellington dress in his hand for me to wear for my Halloween party. If flying half way across the world to surprise me with a halloween costume wasn’t enough, later that night Mikel proposed to me, of course I said Yesssss 🙂 I have finally found my missing puzzle piece.

The last thing I expected to find on Smule was the love of my life and I am so very grateful, Without Smule I would have never found Mikel. <3

Mikel’s story

Hey, my name is Mikel Dye, known on the Smule app as Crashmusic69, and this is the unlikely story of how I found love using your music social media app, Smule Karaoke.

I joined Smule in roughly May of 2014. I started out singing just for the fun of it, knowing that I wasn’t the best, but having fun nonetheless. Really never thought that I’d sing much with other people, let alone meet someone in person! MAN WAS I WRONG!!!

In July of 2017, I stumbled across a singer know as GillyInTheMist, aka Amy Gilligan, and instantly fell in love with her voice. Of all my time on the Smule app, I had yet to find a woman who’s musical interests mirrored my own so closely, and yet here she was!!! I joined her collab of a Killswitch Engage song, and from there things kicked off!! We sang a few times over the next few months, until finally I got the courage up to message her. Well lucky me, she responded!! I stayed very platonic and didn’t push to even get her number. Lol

Well, eventually the messages moved to other social media apps, though we still continued to sing together as often as we could both manage. Her living in Ireland and myself in the U.S. sometimes made communication and collaborations difficult, but we did our best to make it work! Over the span of the next few months, our friendship grew and grew, until eventually we knew we had to meet! So we made the plans and in June of 2018 (just under a year after that lucky day of discovery) I laid real-life eyes on the woman of my dreams for the very first time. I must admit, I was shaking like a leaf on the inside, but outside I was as cool as a cucumber.

As Amy walked (well actually RAN) up to me, I felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort and happiness, and at that moment I knew she was the one!! We spent the next two weeks in the most amazing bliss and happiness I’ve ever known in my life. Before she left, I decided I had to commit to her, so I asked her to be my girlfriend.

Fast forward to October of 2018, with Halloween right around the corner, I decided to make a surprise trip to Ireland with a ring in one hand, and a replacement Halloween costume in the other, as she had an unfortunate disaster with her previous one. Lol Well at 5:30am on the 26th I rang her phone to have her answer the door for a “special delivery”. When she opened the door, there I stood with the costume in outstretched arms, and a smile on my face!! And then, she shut the door on me!!!! (Don’t worry, it was only because of pure surprise!!) She opened it right back up and jumped into my arms, allowing me to swing her around and kiss her beautiful lips. Later that evening, after her work Halloween party and once again shaking like a leaf, I fell to one knee on her stairs. I claimed I had fallen and hurt myself, but as she approached, I asked GillyInTheMist to be my wife……AND SHE SAID YES!!!! Since then we have been planning the wedding, having long-distance date nights (which are awesome by the way!), singing together as well as with our groups, and just plain enjoying our love for one another!!

I never expected any of this, so I must thank you so much for making this possible. Without Smule (and some lucky timing!!), I would have never found the part of my life that I’ve been missing for so very very long, Miss Amy Gilligan! Thank you again so very very much for making the Smule app!!