CommunityFAQ – The Voice Auditions on Smule Sing

FAQ – The Voice Auditions on Smule Sing

FAQ – The Voice Auditions on Smule Sing


How do I enter?


      1. Sing one of the 11 songs on The Voice audition page
      2. Save performance to submit!
      3. Please see the blog for more info 

How do I find the audition page?


      • For customers in US, there will be a banner at the top of the Sing! App that will link you to audition page.


How old do I need to be to enter?


      • The Voice requires you to be 13+. 


Will my performance be private?


      • Yes, your performance will be private – only visible to The Voice and privately on your channel.


Do I need to be in the US?



What if I can’t sing that well?


      • Doesn’t matter – you should do what you do best. Have fun and be yourself.


How many times can I enter?


      • We ask that you enter only once and sing one song. Multiple entries won’t increase your chances.


How do I know if I get selected?


      • The Voice will notify you directly and will provide all further information.


Do I need a VIP subscription to enter?


      • Nope, all 11 songs are made free for this audition. ENJOY!


Can I use an old performance or another song to audition with?


      • Nope – you must audition through The Voice in-app experience that you’ll when you launch the app.


What audition do I attend?


      • Auditions are held in cities across the US. If you are selected, The Voice will instruct you how to choose a city for your live audition.


Can I use filters?


    • The Voice wants to hear your true voice. Just sing and save your performance. Please don’t add any additional filters