CommunityMariah Belgrod at iHeartRadio Music Awards!

Mariah Belgrod at iHeartRadio Music Awards!

Mariah Belgrod went to represent Smule at iHeartRadio awards as she was nominated for the Social Star Award where many celebrities  were performing like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and more. We wanted to hear about her experience!
1) What exactly is this and how did you end up at iHeartMusic Awards. 
The Social Star Award selects people who have risen and grown their follower base through apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Smule, etc. These artists are very knowledgeable on social media and interacting with their fans! I ended up getting selected for this nomination for my time and dedication spent to singing on Smule. I have somehow amassed over 100,000 followers on the app, and was recognized for that!
2) What was the experience like? 
The experience was PHENOMENAL. I got the opportunity to have a designer, Rubin Singer, give me a dress to wear for the evening. I got my own glam squad to prepare for the awards, as well as my hair and makeup done to look the part. Much different than Smule where you just have to look good from the waist up 🙂 I was able to walk the red carpet with celebrities such as Charlie Puth, Halsey, MAX, Camilla Cabello, etc. I kept having to tell myself this was real life! The seven year old girl inside of me was screaming because this was a dream come true. I also was able to attend the award show and see the amazing line-up of performers that were there. It was so surreal and I am very grateful for the opportunity.
3) Did you meet anyone do any interviews? 
I did about 10-15 interviews with the various publicist opportunities there to talk about Smule, how exciting this is, and my new music coming! I talked with places such as Buzzfeed, Radio Disney, and several others!
4) What was your favorite moment? 
My favorite moment was walking through the area where all the photographs were being taken. All the photographers were shouting my name and it was such a fantastic way to start the evening. The energy in that part was electric!
5) What can we expect in your future and how can we follow/support your journey? 
In my future you can expect my first single, “Empty Spaces”, coming March 21. That is the first launch for me as a Pop-EDM styles artist. I cannot wait for you all to sing with me on it on Smule! The next step will be launching my first album in the upcoming year. My goal is to launch my album and then go on tour singing music and having fun living my dream. Another large goal for me is to use my influence to inspire those to not be scared to tackle your dreams no matter how scary they are. I am doing that now, and I have never been happier.
You can follow and support my journey by keeping up with me on Smule and Instagram at @MariahBelgrod, as well as downloading my music and sharing it with your friends. It’s very upbeat and fun music, and I cannot wait for you to hear!
6) Any awkward moments? 
This moment isn’t necessarily awkward BUT on the drive into the awards, the car I was in got into an accident! A careless driver side swiped the car. Unfortunately, my shoulder and back got fairly bruised up from the incident immediately, and the dress I was wearing showed that. So before walking the carpet I slathered on makeup on the shoulder and carried on! The show must go on right? All in all, it definitely added to the memorable evening.