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More information on your arrangement or performance 

Hi Smule Community,

We’d like to explain in a bit more detail why your backing track arrangement or performance may have been removed from our network.  

When a Smule user adds an arrangement to the Smule catalog, they certify that they have the rights necessary to upload and license the arrangement to the Smule platform.

Smule has licensed an enormous amount of content for use on our network, and we continue to add to this catalog.  However, not every publisher or writer wishes to make their songs available on our platform.  

Occasionally, writers and/or artists, or their representatives, make copyright claims against content they find on our platform that’s been uploaded by our community.  In these cases, even though the user has certified they have the right to upload the content, they may not have permission to do so. When this happens, Smule must take down and remove the content that is claimed to be copyrighted by such rights holders from our platform, to the extent that we are required to do so by them.

We respect copyrights of artists and partners, and if the rights holder asks us to restrict or remove content, we comply with their request. 

When Smule is notified to remove a particular arrangement, we must also remove performances associated with that arrangement. Therefore, your performance may have been removed through no fault of your own.  Rather, it may have been removed due to the fact that the arrangement over which you sang was improperly uploaded to our network by someone else incorrectly claiming to have the rights to the song or arrangement.  Additionally, copyright holders and other rights owners often sell music rights to other parties, and the new owners may no longer wish to license to Smule.

While we are disappointed that this process has impacted your performance, we appreciate your support of writers, artists and rights holders and their wishes. 


Smule Team