Community#MusicMLK and Smule

#MusicMLK and Smule


This upcoming week we celebrate a very special day- Martin Luther King’s birthday. As part of his birthday celebration, the #MusicMLK team is also promoting the “National Day of Service.”  The “National Day of Service” is an effort to support and engage with your local community, primarily through music. Not only can you participate musically, you can also find local organizations to volunteer for or create your own– more information here. For this project, the Smule community can participate with the #MusicMLK team on their endeavor by singing & creating together, globally. Luckily, all of you do it everyday, naturally!


  1. Watch the playlist on Smule Sing! Karaoke (Will be live Friday afternoon!)
  2. Create a collab, join a collab or just perform
  3. Hashtag “#MusicMLK” on your performance