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#MyDespacito Challenge


#MyDespacito Challenge

Ah – Despacito, one of the most streamed played songs of all times making a record high of 4.6 billion plays across big platforms. How are we not tired of this song yet is beyond me. So we wanted to make a mash-up video of this song in many different languages!

What is this?

We wanted to create a multi-cultural music video feature the country YOU are.

How it works?

  1. Translate and sing the song in your language
  2. Upload a SOLO video performance on Sing
    1. Remember to sing with a well lit room 😉
    2. Sing at least until 1:25 (as we know it’s hard to translate an entire song)
  3. In the comments, write #MyDespacito and include the language you sang it in

When does it end?

The sooner, the better. Contest ends Wednesday, August 2nd!

We will take the videos and make a mash-up video – so partake in this awesome contest and show us what you got.

What do I win?

  • Fame across all our social platforms
  • Smule Swag 😉

How do I translate the song?

Best way to do this is to look up someone else who has already translated the song.


Chinese translation and Despacito in Chinese


Let’s recreate this video!