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New Style Studio Updates!

Hi Smule Community.

It’s been a few weeks since we launched our newest app Style Studio on iOS, a companion app for creating audio and video Styles to be used in Smule. We’ve been blown away by all of the innovative Styles you have created in such a short amount of time. With so many new Styles being created everyday, we want to make sure that you can keep track of your own Styles, and discover those created by fellow community members as well.

We’re excited to introduce two new updates to Style Studio: My Content and Discover. These updates will make finding and organizing your Styles and community Styles so much easier. 

What is the ‘My Content’ tab?

My Content serves as your Styles hub in the Style Studio app. There, you can review the Styles you’ve saved as drafts, as well as your published Styles. You’ll be able to make edits or delete your Styles, and get to see how many performances have used your custom Styles! 

My Content also has a ‘Performances’ section that pulls in the Smule performances you’ve recorded, so you can easily select, load, and use them to create your own Styles.

What is the ‘Discover’ tab?

Not sure how to start making Styles, or need some inspiration? Check out the new Discover tab! The Discover feature allows you to explore new Styles, which you can use as templates to help get you started. You can scroll through Styles, using categories like ‘Featured Styles’ or ‘Trending’ to find the newest and most popular Styles. Once you find a performance with a Style that you like, select it, and make edits to reflect your personal taste. Easy as that!

If you have further questions about the latest updates to Style Studio, be sure to check out our FAQ. Or, you can send a note to and our team would be happy to help!