CommunityNew Updates for Groups

New Updates for Groups

Hi Smule Community,

We’re excited to introduce some new updates for Groups, with the goal of empowering our community with the necessary tools to more effectively manage their groups and foster a safe, fun environment for everyone. 

The update directly impacts the roles and responsibilities within Groups, by introducing the role of an ‘Admin’ and expanding abilities for group owners and members. These changes will help clearly define roles within your Group, allowing for hands-on management to keep things running smoothly. 

Check out the summary below to learn what’s new in Groups! 

Introducing the ‘Admin Role’

The newly-added ‘Admin’ position enables selected users to perform certain tasks, in an effort to create and maintain a positive experience for group members. Each group can have up to 5 admins. Users can serve as an admin in 10 groups, maximum.

 Admins can do the following: 
  • End Sing Live sessions 
  • Remove users from a specific group
  • Ban and unban users

Added abilities for ‘Group Owners’ 

With these new abilities, ‘Group Owners’ have added control to ensure their groups are in good hands! 

  • Promote members to ‘Admin’ positions 
  • Remove Admin rights from members 
  • Leave a group, so long as a different member is nominated as the new owner

More ‘Group Protection Add-Ons’ 

Groups are part of what makes Smule special. It’s important that group leaders and members have the tools they need to feel supported and protected. We’ve added the following functionality to help: 

  • Members can report other group members
  • Members can search for fellow group members, using the new ‘Search’ functionality (live as of Dec 14th)
  • During an active Sing Live session, group members can search for specific users and invite them to join (live as of Dec 14th)
  • If a user requests to join a group and is denied, s/he will have to wait 24 hours before requesting again
  • If a user requests to join a group and revokes his/her request within 24 hours, s/he will  have to wait 24 hours before requesting to join again

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out directly to our Support team at