Community“Nothing To Fear” on Sing! Karaoke from Smule

“Nothing To Fear” on Sing! Karaoke from Smule

“Nothing To Fear” on Sing! Karaoke from Smule

We recently had the incredible opportunity to connect with emerging artist, Maxine Marcus. Maxine is 15-year old a singer, songwriter based out of San Francisco. Growing up, Maxine was introduced to to many forms of music, whether it was her parents rocking out in a band together or attending a variety of music festivals. Maxine took the opportunity at a young age to better understand music and the future of where it’s going in the digital and instrumental age, then started creating her own! You can check out and sing one of her songs on Smule Sing!, “Nothing to Fear!”

Maxine has always been hugely inspired by Christina Aguilera and Stevie Wonder for their passion and groove. In more recent years, Maxine’s sources of inspiration grew to encompass a range of artists like Lorde, Disclosure, Odesza, Halsey. She enjoys them for different reasons, she says, “In electronic music, I find this sense of openness and universal feel. For example, Odesza has been able to mix international sounds into their music, which I absolutely love. Halsey’s words are so honest and true, and her tracks match that same raw, grittiness, that I love. Lorde inspires me because of her uniqueness. I find her ability to be unapologetically different incredible, and her quirkiness inspires me to constantly dig deeper.”

Maxine stated her best piece of advice is “to really learn and know your own voice and tone. When you are able to harness your own unique abilities, that is where magic happens!”

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