Introducing #TamilHits!

Hello Smuleans! Starting from 7th May 2020, we invite you to join #TamilHits by singing famous Tamil songs on Smule.

How to participate:
1. Tap the #TamilHits banner in the Songbook screen on Smule, and sing your favorite song from the invitations.
2. Add the #TamilHits hashtag to your songs and song invitations, so others can find your performance and join you!

1. Don’t forget to share your songs to your socials, using the #TamilHits hashtag.
2. All performances should be a video collaboration from #TamilHits Playlist
3. Individual participants – should do a video collab
4. Multiple entries allowed
5. Winners will be selected by a Smule Employees Committee based on creativity, quality of singing and overall engagement (loves, shares, and comments), all decisions are final.
6. The songs must be saved with the hashtag #TamilHits. Only performance from the #TamilHits playlist will be qualified as the winners
7. Entries from 7th May 2020- 18th May 2020 will qualify.

10 VIP winners
ALL winners will be announced on May 25th

Congratulations to the 5 Winners of Smule Sticker Design Contest/ Lomba Desain Stiker/ Sticker Designwettbewerb/ Concurso de design de figurinha

Scroll down for Indonesian/German/Portuguese.

We want to send a big thank you to everyone from the Smule community who participated in our Smule Sticker Design Contest/ Lomba Desain Stiker/ Sticker Designwettbewerb/ Concurso de design de figurinha and helped make it a success!

And a special congratulations to @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu and @quaanphan, the five winners in the contest.

In addition to the 500 Smule coins, the winners will get featured on Smule’s global social media channels and see their sticker design featured in the Smule’s sticker catalog.

We have received over 1000 submissions. The submissions were reviewed by the Smule design team and judged based on the following criteria: Positivity & Expressiveness; Creative Originality and Design Authenticity.

Congratulations @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu, and @quaanphan!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die fünf Gewinner des Smule Sticker Designwettbewerb

Ein großes Dankeschön an alle Mitglieder der Smule Community die Teil unseres Sticker Designwettbewerb waren und ihn zu einem großen Erfolg gemacht haben!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu and @quaanphan, die fünf Gewinner des Wettbewerbs.

Zusätzlich zu den 500 Smule Münzen werden die Gewinner auf den weltweiten Social Media Kanälen von Smule zu sehen sein und ihre Sticker Entwürfe werden in den Smule Sticker Katalog aufgenommen.

Wir haben über 1000 Einsendungen erhalten. Alle Einsendungen wurden vom Smule Design Team bewertet und basierend der folgenden Kriterien bewertet: positive Einstellung und Aussagekraft, kreative Originalität und Design Authentizität.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu and @quaanphan!


Selamat kepada 5 Pemenang Lomba Desain Stiker

Scroll ke bawah untuk bahasa Indonesia.

Kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya kepada Komunitas Smule yang berpartisipasi dalam Lomba Desain Stiker Smule dan menjadikan program ini sukses!

Dan kami mengucapkan selamat kepada @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu and @quaanphan, yang menjadi lima pemenang kontes tersebut.

Selain mendapat hadiah 500 koin Smule, para pemenang akan difitur di sosial media Smule Global dan stiker mereka akan difitur di katalog stiker Smule.

Kami telah menerima lebih dari 1000 peserta. Seluruh peserta ditinjau oleh tim desain Smule dan dinilai berdasarkan kriteria berikut: Positif & Ekspresif; Orisinalitas Kreatif dan Keaslian Desain.

Selamat @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu, and @quaanphan!


Parabéns aos 5 ganhadores do Concurso de design de figurinha

Nós queremos agradecer imensamente a todos da comunidade do Smule que participaram em nosso Concurso de Design de Figurinhas e ajudaram a ser um sucesso!

E um parabéns especial a @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu and @quaanphan, os cinco ganhadores do concurso.

Em adição às 500 moedas do Smule, os ganhadores serão destacados nas redes sociais globais do Smule e ver os design das figurinhas destacados no catálogo do Smule.

Nós recebemos mais de 1000 submissões. As submissões foram revisadas pelo time de design do Smule e julgados com base nos seguintes critérios: Positividade e Expressividade, Criatividade Original e Design Autêntico.

Parabéns @jacy_000, @Flyingsky99, @BIV_Ken_Arok, @Churiipu, and @quaanphan!

Let’s Sing Together, Groovy Style

Click here to sing with a little help from your friends at Smule, Groovy Style!
Featuring the new Smule Style, a customized template, built for The Beatles Classic song, “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

Celebrate #SmuleIDRamadhan on Smule!


Bulan suci Ramadhan telah tiba. Mari rayakan Ramadhan bersama Smule Indonesia, dengan menyanyikan lagu-lagu religi, Ramadhan dan Idul Fitri favorit Anda — lagu yang membawa kedamaian bagi Anda, mengingatkan Anda akan suasana Ramadhan di masa kecil, berkumpul dengan keluarga dan teman-teman tercinta, serta menghubungkan Anda dengan teman-teman dari komunitas Smule di seluruh Indonesia.

Ikut serta program #SmuleIDRamadhan di Smule, untuk kesempatan difitur dan mendapat koin gratis dari Smule!

Cara ikut serta:
1. Nyanyikan lagu-lagu Ramadhan/religi dengan para Artis, atau dengan teman-teman dari komunitas Smule Indonesia. Klik di sini.
2. Tambahkan hashtag #SmuleIDRamadhan di deskripsi undangan lagu Ramadhan/religi Anda, Anda juga bisa bergabung dengan pengguna lain.
3. Bagikan (share) rekaman Anda ke sosial media, dengan hashtag #SmuleIDRamadhan dan jangan lupa tag (tandai) @SmuleID di post Anda.

Rekaman dengan join dan share terbanyak punya kesempatan untuk difitur di Playlist #SmuleIDRamadhan setiap minggu. Untuk satu rekaman terbaik (No. 1) di minggu tersebut, akan mendapatkan 100 Koin Smule gratis yang dapat digunakan untuk saling berbagi hadiah (gift) kepada pengguna Smule lainnya.

Tunggu apa lagi, ikutan #SmuleIDRamadhan yuk!


The holy month of Ramadan has arrived. Let’s celebrate Ramadan with Smule Indonesia, by singing your favorite religious Ramadan and Eid songs — songs that bring you peace, remind you of Ramadan in your childhood, and help you gather with your family and beloved friends. This Ramadan, connect with loved ones from the Smule Indonesia Community.

Join the #SmuleIDRamadhan program on Smule, for a chance to be featured and to win free coins from Smule!

How to participate:
1. Sing Ramadan / religious songs with Artists or friends from the Smule Indonesia community. Click here.
2. Create a song invitation and tag with #SmuleIDRamadhan or join an invite with the hashtag.
3. Share your recording on social media, with the hashtag #SmuleIDRamadhan and tag @SmuleID in your post.

Performances with the most joins and shares have the opportunity to be featured on the #SmuleIDRamadhan Playlist every week. The singer with the best (No. #1) performance of the week will win 100 Smule Coins, which can be used to give Gifts to other Smule users.

What are you waiting for? Join #SmuleIDRamadhan!

LiveJam Update

Hello Smule Community,

As we shared last week, we’ve built a new audio-only version of LiveJam, called Sing Live, that addresses many of the concerns we collectively share. We appreciate all of your passionate and spirited input. All of us care greatly about the Smule community, and our vision of connecting people through music. We know that people across the world have embraced singing amidst the suffering and tragedy – a reflection, perhaps, of our common deep humanity and love for one another.

We have decided to pause the plans to release the audio-only version and will continue to support the current video version while we iterate. We would love your input as we work out a better solution. If you would like to help beta test a future version – with audio and video – prior to release, please sign up here. Sign up closes on 5/23/20.

We are confident by working together, we can build an even safer and more supportive place for all of us to create music with one another.

Thanks everyone. Keep well.

Smule Community Team

New #SingtopiaPicks Playlist Update

Singtopia Community, would like to take this opportunity to thank Smule and all of the amazing Smulers out there that submitted songs week in and week out!! We are truly proud of all of your creativity and dedication to Singtopia Picks and helping to create a fun, inspiring and amazing playlist.

At this time, SINGTOPIA PICKS PLAYLIST WILL BE TAKING A BREAK for the near future.

We hope to come back soon and bring you lots of new themes!! We know how much you love and enjoy participating in Singtopia Picks.

Check out this week’s #SingtopiaCheesyHits Pick Playlist

The Singtopia Community wishes all of you a safe and healthy Spring. Please take care of yourselves and those near and dear to you during this time of crisis. We leave you with this for now…

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest; heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul” – Author Unknown.