CommunityPlatinum Artist – Top 10 – Round One

Platinum Artist – Top 10 – Round One

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Platinum Artist
Vocal Competition
Top 10 – Round One

The Platinum Artist Vocal Competition has just wrapped up a phenomenal Round One this past week!

We kicked things off with a Country theme and saw some amazing submissions and unbelievable talent!

Our Top 10 for Round One Country submissions are:

1. @lindasings6:
2. @KTM_Moneth:
3. @carlimc:
5. @Arielle_Sings:
6. @Val_TLAB:
7. @SiR_SiNGaLoTT:
8. @ACE_SitiikGarcia:
9. @VMZ_DaniS40:_TMC
10. @ACE_Theron:

We are so very proud of each and every one of our contestants and thank all those who participated in Round One.

To follow the progression of this fantastic competition, please visit our official website:

Round Two is currently underway and we are so excited and very certain to see and hear some more mind blowing performances!