CommunitySmule Meet-Up: Brazil

Smule Meet-Up: Brazil

Smule Meet-Up: Brazil 

Smule meet-ups have been happening all over the globe in places like Singapore, Orlando, NYC, SF, LA, Indonesia, and Brazil! Smule meet-ups connect people through music!

A few weeks ago, some Smuleans in Brazil got together for an amazing karaoke party at their local karaoke spot! They even made awesome signs to cheer their fellow karaoke singers on! Smule Sing!er @juliohelp, who organized this whole event, said:

Between karaoke songs, food, and laughs, everybody had so much fun and was so excited to meet each other in person. Seeing people we used to talk to and sing with every day for the first time face to face is an amazing feeling. We spent some very amazing hours together!

Sounds like they had an incredible time! Check out more photos below!

If you would like to set up a Smule meet-up in your area, follow these simple guidelines and e-mail us at! 🙂