CommunitySmule Spotlight: _bandgirl

Smule Spotlight: _bandgirl


_bandgirl is this weeks spotlight! She is an active member on Sing! and has been here for 3 years. You can find her in the group SuiteTunes, #ST, or @acoustics_ on Sing! She enjoys group collaborations, so don’t be shy and sing with her! 😉



Favorite Performance: 

This is such a hard question… I love joining so many people on Smule. If I had to choose, I would choose a performance with @BobbayK. I join him the whole time (sorry for that Bobby), because he does these amazing OCs. And now I have to choose a join.. I’ll take my first one then. Wow that was 4 months ago! Time flies.. I saw his OC and joined straight away, because I love that song:D

Fun Fact about you: 

I actually downloaded the Smule app 3 years ago, because I was searching for some cool new karaoke apps. So I checked it out and realised, that other people can hear your performances. That moment I was like: No way. I don’t want other people listening to my songs and I deleted it straight after that.
When I look back now, I feel like a right idiot ^^

What makes you excited to Sing:

I sing ALL the time. I can’t stop myself sometimes. When I’m on public transport, I can’t wait to get home and sing. Otherwise I feel like I’m about to explode.
You can express so much more through music by singing, than through a normal conversation.
I love doing group songs on Smule, even if it’s the most stressful thing ever. Smule peeps will know what I mean;) At this stage I wanna thank my groups Brwaitufip, @SuiteTunes, @Acoustics_ and ThatGroup for having me. You are amazing! :’)

Who is your biggest influence?

I’ve been singing my whole life, that’s why a lot of people inspire me. Friends from school, different bands (especially Little Mix, those girls have some crazy vocals) and a lot of people on Smule actually. I don’t wanna name any, because otherwise I’ll forget someone 😛 That would be just typical. It’s crazy how much talent there is! Everybody is unique in their own way and I’m glad to learn from these people.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Let me see… I think being invisible would be pretty fancy. Why? No idea. Maybe sneeking up to people and frighten them (that’s what they always do to me, revenge :P).