CommunitySmule Spotlight: DaveyJ_TV

Smule Spotlight: DaveyJ_TV


My name is David, but Smule knows me as Davey. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. My favorite hobby at the moment is Sing! Also I would say reading, socializing and networking. Eating! I’m on Sing! Because I really like singing with different people who have different ways of singing. It’s always exciting form me to sing with someone with a certain type of voice, and then being able to sort of adapt to their way of singing but retain my “Flavour”. Sing also reminds me that there are so much amazing singers out there, and so then that encourages me to work harder at my craft. I love doing group collabs and collabs with myself too, and Sing provides a platform for that. It’s a great way to exercise my passion for vocal arrangement. I’m on Sing to especially support all the amazing singers in the group I’m in, @TheVoices_TV

What makes you excited to sing?

Influencing emotions. If I can make someone feel something, anything, while listening to me sing, that’s exciting for me.

Who influences you the most?

My group is a positive influence on me. They encourage me to work hard, because their fate is tied to mine and the other way around. My mother. She always wanted me to pursue my dreams, even when it wasn’t a comfortable time for me to do so. She pushed me a lot. Musically I have too many influences. From Zayn Malik to Jason Mraz to Beyoncé to Pantatonix to Bruno Mars. Carrie Underwood to Kelly Clarcson to Demi Lovato. Jason Darulo to Justin Timberlake to Chris Brown. I can mention many haha

Share a personal fact:

I play the piano as well. The weird thing is that in high school, piano was my “first instrument”. I was going to study classical piano, and then people started telling me I could sing too. Singing became my “first instrument”, and I pursued it. Now I’m in a boy band called FOUR (@Four_SA). We won the very first X Factor South Africa just over a year ago.

Favorite quote: 

Everything happens for a reason. Although, I would amend that to “Everything happens because it must”. Your path is your path. You can get angry at it, but it must happen, to prepare you for what is to come.

If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmmmmm this is a tough one! I’d say Spaghetti (That could be because I’m craving it now haha)