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Smule Spotlight: SophiaRead


Smule Spotlight: SophiaRead 

I’m Sophia and I’m from Norfolk, England. I’m constantly singing around the house and always used to find karaokes online to sing to and record them on my phone or laptop, but never showed them to anyone! I had heard of Sing for some time but could never download it as I never had enough storage on my old phone!

What makes you excited to Sing!?

I study a science degree which can be quite difficult at times, but my music keeps me grounded and gives me something else to focus on when stressed. The app has also given me something to do in my summer holidays, and I love the professional sound to the recordings as well as the great community on Sing!

Who influences you the most?

I love Adele – her voice is natural, she doesn’t try to show off with vocal gymnastics and her song writing skills are amazing. Also, my opera teacher has played a big part in the development of my voice too.

Share a personal fact about you that nobody would every guess 

I actually had lessons in opera singing from the age of 13 up until I started university, so if I ever did perform vocals to an audience it would always be opera. You learn so much from classical singing – it improved my vocal range and strength greatly, and technique!

If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh wow, that’s a hard one. I suppose it would have to be my mum’s Sunday Roast – definitely something I miss at university!!