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#SingtopiaTurns4 Anniversary Post


Many of you already know about the largest Sing! oriented group on Facebook, known as Singtopia! Singtopia has been with us since the beginning with the mission to connect, engage and empower singers all around the world in one place. Over the 4 years, Singtopia has done so much to keep their community engaged – and they do it exceptionally well. Celebrating groups in Sing!, hosting frequent contests, featuring international communities, answering FAQ, and more!

Today, and the next two weeks, we will celebrate the members who make Singtopia the wonderful community it is today, and the admins who built it. Singtopia is serving over 8,000 singers, which has doubled since their last anniversary. The community is growing. Each person has to be approved by an admin, or suggested by a friend making the community a tight group of people with the same vision.

Over the past year Singtopia has developed and up kept many programs, making their group so successful and fun – so stay engaged and active in Singtopia! Take a look at the some of the fun things they have done in the past year:

  • Annual huge Halloween Contest
  • Anniversary and 12 Days of Christmas celebration, which includes prizes and features
  • Contributors in Smule Picks weekly challenge and partner artist program
  • Coffee Talk LIVE with Adrian was created to reach out to members and get to know them a little better!
  • Singtopia International Mixers provide members the opportunity to sing with others globally to create amazing multi-lingual collaborations.
  • Hidden Gem Program continues to seek out Undiscovered Talent within the Sing! Community.

So much ongoing engagement, so what will their focus be next and where do they plan to grow? Maria, Co-creator, says, “As we move into our 4th year in Singtopia, community engagement and programming have been a huge focus. Welcoming new members to a mix of amazing talent, young and old and to have a chance to experience a fun, lively, active community is what Singtopia is all about! Singtopia is a community where members can share their music, participate in fun activities and events and make Sing! friends from all across the globe!”

So, where Singtopia will expect to grow in the next year:

  • Community Songbook involvement with some amazing upcoming programs
  • Singtopia Feature Program Revamp
  • New Singtopia Musician’s Lounge Programming

singtopia admins

Celebrate the admins and sing with them! 


Adrian Sings 


Maria Sings 


Nikki Nemeyer 



Elyss Nieves 


Priscilla Meseret 


Clare Holmes


Vince Jacob 


Candace Roy 

(coming soon)

Ruben Santos 



Community quotes on Singtopia:

“The Singtopia admins are one of the most dedicated groups of volunteers I have ever seen.To moderate such a large group is a bigger undertaking than most people realize, their commitment is unparalleled and their devotion continues to enhance the overall community.” – @Chanticleer

“With thousands of members in Singtopia the admin team does an amazing job at supporting us and making us know that our voices and performances are heard. I couldn’t ask for a better admin team! They’re all so incredible!” – @HashtagKarenag

“I have never had much interaction with Maria but Adrian is awesome! I met him the first time I met shevonn in 2015 and I’ve got to say that he is just one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Extremely giving individual. Always seems to be helping others and continuing the atmosphere of acceptance on the app. I really need to see him again sometime soon” – @IronPudding

“The Admins are great! They contribute greatly to the Sing Community by maintaining a positive, clean, and inclusive way for all levels of users to communicate freely in an organized, yet fun environment. This group is great for users seeking guidance and helpful advice on anything Smule related.” – @HoustonAndrews

“I love our Singtopia admins! I always see them out supporting, loving and commenting on users and they are always quick to respond to questions and help. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already! Cheers and congrats, Singtopia!” -@ALimone_SR





Singtopia is home to many Smule members who embrace community, passion and connecting with like-minded people. To say that they are just a community group would be an understatement, like other groups, they organize events and contests to engage and inspire community members, lead encourage members of international communities, and feature groups and individuals, to say the least. Today, we celebrate their 3rd year anniversary and we couldn’t be more happy express how much they have contributed to what our community is today. Please check out their playlist in the up under “Hot Performances!” 

Singtopia co-creators’s, Maria, Adrian and Nikki, sheds light on what Singtopia has been up to in the past year! Check it out!

The launch of the Sing! App in 2012 provided the opportunity for friends to come together through a love for music and create the largest online Sing! Community: Singtopia!  As Singtopia celebrates three years, we are very proud of the talent, creativity and dedication of our members as well as what Singtopia means for Sing! users across the globe. Singtopia is a place for members to share their voices, engage with friends, talk about the issues and participate in some amazing programming.  We come together as a community but we truly are a FAMILY!

Singtopia Features: 

Say Something – GVContest dedication to Adrian and Pancreatic Cancer

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – community dedication to admin Adrian

Thriller –Singtopia group song dedicated to the art of Cosplay


Tears In Heaven – sharing voices in dedication to World Peace!

You’ve Got a Friend In Me – Group Song dedicated to community values of friendship, equality and support


Vivir mi Vida – International collab by @xGotti and @Singtopia featuring @Elyss

How has Singtopia grown in the past year?

This year has been exciting for us as a community. Singtopia has grown tremendously in participation, as we are over 4200 members strong.  With a group this large we focus on keeping things fun and maintain our programming goals that our members have come to appreciate over the years

This year we also saw many members come together to support one another through personal triumphs, worldwide tragedies and philanthropy. The outpour of support for our admin, Adrian, who is battling Pancreatic Cancer, has been tremendous through music and community. The tributes and dedications that were shared for world peace and for our members in need have been amazing! We have truly grown into such a caring and compassionate community and will continue to do so in the future.


What accomplishments have you made?

Singtopia is a great place for many singers to come together and celebrate each other’s passion.  We saw MANY exciting adventures from our talented members and are proud to showcase their accomplishments allowing thousands to come together and support one another.  Supporting our musicians, original songwriters, emerging artists. Singtopia continues to support our fabulous musicians, original songwriters and emerging artists in their endeavors into the music industry. 

This year we had the honor to place in the TOP 5 of the #GVContest hosted by Smule, showcasing the new video feature on the app. Singtopia dedicated their performance to #TeamPanCan in support for PanCan.org and our admin, Adrian. Being a part of Top 5, Smule generously donated to all of our causes. We are very proud that as a community we were able to make this happen. 


What are the highlights of your community?

New to Singtopia this year is our Singtopia Musician’s Lounge, SML, which is a hub for musicians all over the world. This group was formed to showcase the many talented instrumentalists in Sing! who put their time and energy into creating music for all of us to enjoy. You can find many of our members’ acoustic versions in the Community Songbook as well as Singtopia Musician’s Lounge on Facebook.

Singtopia is known for searching out some amazing talent that you hear in the Sing! App today.  One of the highlights of Singtopia continues to be our Feature Program showcasing solo artists, Sing! groups, competition winners as well as spotlight emerging artists from the community.

This year, Singtopia presented more Mystery Music Mixers for the purpose of getting to know each other and creating new Sing! friendships within the app. Participation in our mixers have exceeded over 150 individual members at one time including mainstream and international singers through our Singtopia International program.


What can the community expect this upcoming year?

Singtopia is and has always been a very talented and creative community. We will continue to showcase our members to the best of our abilities through weekly features, contests and challenges, mixers, online coffee chats and much more. We are extremely excited for all of the new features on social platforms and the Smule Sing! App. Singtopia Musicians will have more opportunities through the community and our members will continue to have lots of FUN! The rest…is Top Secret!


Who are the admins?

Singtopia Community has come a long way and that is in part for two reasons, our amazing members and our dedicated admins who have put their heart and soul into making Singtopia a great music haven. We are so blessed to have each other in our lives and we have the Smule app to thank for that! As admins, we make a great team and strive to create positivity and fun for our members and as friends we are there to support each other till the very end. You can find the Singtopia Admins on the Sing! App @AdrianSings @NikkiSongs @Maria66 @Elyss @Mezlopes_PGS  @Vince_Encore and @KingRR.


— Follow Singtopia —


Smule Stories …

Smule Stories are Your Stories

There are very few things at Smule that we are more proud of than this special community that has grown from our mutual love of music. We stumble upon the most amazing stories within our community, from how Smule has touched the lives of users to how different community members have connected through Smule.

Last week, we uncovered a special new program for the Smule community called Smule Presents, which allows us to highlight Smule users through music videos. Today, in a similar but more personal vein, we are introducing Smule Stories, another program that highlights you but focuses on telling your unique story through a mini documentary.

The video above is a small introduction to Smule Stories! For this intro, we wanted to speak with users all over the world so we interviewed them via Skype. For ongoing Smule Stories videos, we will be sending out the Smule Studio crew to interview you in person and record a professional 5-minute documentary.

Do you have a Smule story? Please let us know! Here are some questions that may inspire you to share your story: How has music and Smule changed your life? Did you meet someone special on Smule? Has music and Smule helped you overcome challenges or hardships?

Please send a short summary of your story and the best way to contact you via email tocommunity@smule.com.  We look forward to hearing your own special Smule story!

Stay tuned for Kallie’s story (@kalliestarmusic) coming out in January!