ProductTuesday Tips: Best songs for people with a low vocal range

Tuesday Tips: Best songs for people with a low vocal range

What is the best songs for people with a low vocal range?

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You can make almost anything fit your range. I cheat this way, like A LOT. Just dropping things down an octave, and calling it the chill version lol, or just switch it up, and do your own thing. Music is always open for creativity I feel.” –xYego

“Pretty much exactly what Diego said. There are also songs on Smule that are manipulated to be a bit lower. Look for songs that are titled ‘Male key’.” – Shane_TV

“Male country songs, man I cannot do those justice. lol.” –JeffreyAKG_TV

“Sometimes if a song is out of my range I’ll try the acoustic version. I think acoustic versions are more forgiving when you’re trying to fit songs to your range.” –Sarah_TV

“Country songs are always great for lower register males voices. Choosing any acoustic version is always a lot easier to play around with and do your own thing. And if all that fails a lot of the songs on Smule someone has uploaded a ‘lower key’ instrumental of almost every popular song. Give them a shot and have fun.” –Dearhead

” ‘Un-Break My Heart’ Toni Braxton. Anything by Josh Turner. Best suggestion: Google ‘lower voice songs.’ Haha, I mean, in this day and age, that’s the fastest way to find answers.” –Hoonhans_DavidK

“I agree with Diego, you can choose any song just sing down an octave! Keep in mind Some times a male song down an octave is too low to get any power behind it, so try a female song an octave lower!” –MikeScott_TV

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