ProductTuesday Tips – When to breathe

Tuesday Tips – When to breathe

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Q: How do I know when to breathe during a song? I find myself rushing for breath and breathing at awkward points in the song sometimes.

Jefferey suggests, “don’t breathe, if you pass out you know you’re hard core.” 😛

Jk, but breathing is important and it’s part of the learning experience. Our Smule Inspire member Sarah gave a video tip a few weeks ago on breathing techniques, and our other members expanded on WHEN to breathe!

For me, I try to find the longer pauses in the song in order to take a breath. I try to get to learn the song I am singing first in order to get a feel for the timing. I find the places that require more breath needed to get all the words out and make sure I pull in enough air to get all the words out without straining.
For audio songs, this is where my instant rewind feature comes in handy. I can conserve my breath by trying it over and over before I save. This is harder if I perform on video, so ultimately its best just to learn and practice the song I am singing.” – Ailina_

The pitch bars that are built into Smule are great for showing the breaks between lyrics. If I have trouble knowing when to breathe I watch those to see when I can sneak a breath in.” – Jessica 

Listen to the actual song, see if you can hear where the artist takes a breath and see if those spots fit naturally for you 🙂 lots of time it’s about developing better breath support over time through diaphragm work and other breathing exercises!” – JeffreyAKG_TV
“Most well written songs tend to make pauses where you would naturally breathe in real life. I try to do that, but with studio editing and such, that sometimes makes it impossible.
Practice good breathing techniques by learning to control your diaphragm. That will help you last longer and develop strong breathing skills.” –tamara_hope 
“What has been said above 👆🏻 in addition, for tougher/ faster songs with less time to breathe, a fast deep inhalation is key. Breathing is 100% something that can improve with time” –EDOUGH
“Listen to the song first and listen to when the singer breathes. Try following their lead and if you can’t then try to breathe at the end of a phrase, never in the middle.”  –Sarah_TV
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