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New VIP Feature: Turn Your Favorite Recorded Joins into Joinable Invites!

Hi Smule Community,

We’ve got some good news to share! We’re excited to announce the launch of a new VIP feature that’ll take your singing experience to the next level. If you’ve ever joined someone’s invite and absolutely loved your recording, this feature is for you! 

Initially, this feature will be available on iOS. We’ll evaluate performance and determine next steps from there. We’re committed to bringing the best singing experience to all of our users! 

Now, as a VIP user, you have the power to transform your favorite joins into joinable invites! That means you can actually invite others to join you and sing alongside your recording to create musical magic. Don’t worry – your original recorded join won’t be impacted by this change. Think of it like a duplication process — your recording is now twice as nice! Your original join will remain untouched and a duplicated version will be transformed into an invite that your friends, fans, and followers can join and sing along with. 

This new feature offers VIP users even more flexibility and freedom to create! Now you can share and empower creation around your favorite recorded joins, opening up a whole new world of collaborative singing possibilities. Everyone in the community benefits by having even more opportunities to join recordings and connect with fellow singers! 

Some of you may have already tried this new feature during the initial test phase. Now that it’s available to all iOS VIP users, we wanted to share a few tips on what you can do with the joins you’ve already turned into invites. Here are a few common scenarios:

  1. You turned a join into an invite and then closed it
    • Delete the invite you created and go through the process of turning your join back into an invite. Don’t forget – you have the ability to search in your profile now, so it should be easier to find the join you’d like to use! 
  2. You turned a join into an invite and then deleted it 
    • Simply follow the process of turning your join into an invite again 
  3. You turned a join into an invite and kept it open
    • Nothing for you to do! We’ll make changes on our end to fix any audio delays that were present during the test phase

In addition to fixing the audio delays, we’ve also addressed concerns about the cover photo. Now, when you convert your join into an invite, the cover photo will automatically default to the original arrangement cover. If you wish to change it, you can easily do so in the “Edit” settings for each newly created invite.  

If you’re not already a VIP user but want to experience the full benefits of this feature, now is the perfect time to upgrade your membership. With VIP status, you’ll unlock access to exclusive features, including complete access to more than 15 million songs, the ability to sing solo or start your own duet and group recordings, enhanced profile customizations, and more! 

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating and collaborating like never before, and turn your favorite joins into joinable invites! 

Have questions or want to share your thoughts? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated Support team at Thank you for being part of the Smule community!