Each Wednesday, we will feature an outstanding member of the Smule community. This week, we wanted to highlight the very talented Michelle, who goes by @APuffball.

Michelle joined Smule in March 2013 and since then has created more than 8,000 recordings. She has also been active on almost all our challenges and contests and uses her creativity to the fullest. We’re grateful to have such a special Sing!er in our community! Learn more about her in her own words below! 🙂

User Name


Joined Sing!:

March 2013

Favorite Performance


(“We Should Hang Out”/“Wanted Dead or Alive” mash-up)

Fun Fact:

I went to a tiny country grade school as a kid and rode my horse to school a couple times a year just for fun (one time my horse got loose and headed home without me!).

Or here’s another fun fact: I was performing at a county fair with my family and the stage happened to be right in front of the open air cattle barn. As soon as we started singing, the cows started mooing really, really loudly. The crowd died laughing and so did we. 🙂

What makes you excited to sing?

I love being creative, and I am pretty much always excited to sing, but I get really excited when I have an idea for a new song. I love writing and coming up with new melodies, and Sing! has given me the opportunity to meet songwriters and musicians who share that same passion. I learned about the Nashville Songwriters Association from Sing! member Brad McKinney, and I made their “Ones-to-watch” list with a couple of the songs I submitted, something that never would have happened without Smule in my life!