CommunityAllah Tero Naam In Amit Trivedi’s Taraana

Allah Tero Naam In Amit Trivedi’s Taraana

Amit Trivedi is undoubtedly one of the legendary musicians of our industry. This multi-talented artist has worked on numerous critically acclaimed Bollywood films, along with several personal albums. From being a part of a college band to becoming his own brand, Amit Trivedi has definitely raised the bar for Indian music.

Now, he brings his versatile style to create a one-of-a-kind remake of Allah Tero Naam. Partnering with the gifted, Harshdeep Kaur, our icon speaks about how he created a brand-new section with enticing lyrics to add to the wonder of this evergreen track. You can watch all this and more in our exclusive behind the scenes!

Now it’s your turn to sing your own notes to this marvellous makeover! Simply get on to Smule and join the Times of Music jam.