CommunitySmule Spotlight: Weezerden

Smule Spotlight: Weezerden

Smule Spotlight: Weezerden

Weezerden has been on Sing! for more than four years – since the beginning! In that time, he’s made more than 17,000 performances, most of which are acoustic. Weezerden is notoriously known for using different instruments to cover a song on open mic! His musical talent goes a long way. We value his ambition as he brings a creative spark to the Smule community! Read more about him below!



Favorite performance: 




Fun fact about you: 

I have been a music nerd, since I was little kid. I listen to all different genres of music from the ‘40s to now, and I also organized my music collection into specific playlists.

I also have been keeping records of how many songs I played acoustically in Sing – without counting repeats, it’s more than 1,200 songs so far!

To make things interesting, every couple weeks I did my own acoustic themes, such as “Rap-coustic week,” “TV Shows week,” “The History of Billboard theme” and a lot more.

Besides music, i’m also a movie addict and basketball fanatic – by the way, the Indiana Pacers are my favorite team!

What makes you excited to sing?

I like to challenge myself to play songs in different genres that aren’t usually played acoustically or re-arrange them into different versions from the original. This app is a perfect platform for me to improve my skills and collaborate creatively with amazing singers and musicians across the world.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Without a doubt my superpowers would be the ability to teleport to all different countries and meet all my Smule friends across the world so we could sing and jam together!