ProductGroup Video Update (10.7.14) FAQ

Group Video Update (10.7.14) FAQ


For general questions about Group Video, check out our earlier blog post here:

What are group parts?

Group parts are an optional new way to interact with group performances. Rather than sing the entire song (all the lyrics), you are only given some of the lyrics. In the end, we combine your performance with the performances of all other joiners to create a more interesting, collaborative music video.

Can I design or set my own parts for a song?

Currently you cannot set your own parts. But we are actively exploring this design and eventually want to give you control over how many parts a song should have and what lyrics each part should sing.

Am I forced to select a group part if I don’t want to?

No. You can ignore the lyrics on screen and sing whatever you want. Your vocals will be mixed into the final music video. You can also choose the option “I want to make up my own parts” to retain the classic group singing experience. You’ll be shown the complete set of lyrics for the song and can sing any or all of them.

Why is the default group part different every time I select my song?

When you are prompted to select a group part, you may notice that you’re defaulted to a different part than the last time you joined. This is normal. The system will always default your selection to the part that is currently least represented in the group song you’ve selected. This is designed to maximize your opportunity to appear in the final video and maintain a balance of parts within any given group video. You are free to select any other part.

How do I select parts on Android?

Stay tuned.

How are video transitions determined in my Group Video?

Video transitions are determined by singers’ audio power. If we can hear your audio in a given section of the song, you’ll be added to the video in that section. If you are silent in a given section, we won’t add you to that section of the video. If there are more singers in a specific section eligible to appear than we can accommodate, then we’ll try to show the max number and then use additional transitions within the section to swap users in and out.

Is this compatible with open mic or community songs?

Group parts are available for community songs that have lyrics and duet parts definition, but not for open mic or community songs without such info. We’re exploring ideas to improve the process of uploading arrangements on and support group parts for community songs.

Is it always 4 parts for every group song?

We’re starting with 4 parts for group songs, but as we continue to improve this feature, we may introduce songs with more than 4 parts. (There are 5 members of the Backstreet Boys, after all!)

Can I invite my friends to join a specific part?

This is currently not supported. We think it’s an interesting idea and are exploring it.

How do I know what lyrics each part corresponds to?

You’ll have to choose each part and find out. There is currently no way to preview the lyrics for each part but we are currently exploring solutions. We are also very interested in hearing your feedback!