FeaturedHoliday Video with Mikey Wax

Holiday Video with Mikey Wax

Holiday Video with Mikey Wax

“The holiday season is all about making memories and being with the ones we care about most. It’s truly the only time of the year when everyone around the world winds down at the same time and takes a step back from our busy lives to stop and appreciate what we have. So we thought it would be really fun to team up with Smule and ask all of Mikey’s fans and Smule’s members to send in their personal favorite holiday photos. All these photos have come together into what is an unbelievably awesome and enjoyable holiday video montage.”

– Johnny Wax, Artist Manager

A few weeks ago Mikey Wax asked you all to upload a holiday photo – in your Christmas sweater, in front of the Christmas tree, or maybe with a Santa hat on. Over the past two weeks, we received more than 400 photos! Mikey and his team used all of these photos to create an amazing video montage for his new song “And a Happy New Year.“ Check it out!

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