ProductExciting Changes to the Way You Sing and Create in Smule
New Styles in Smule

Exciting Changes to the Way You Sing and Create in Smule

Hello Smule Community!

Smule has always been focused on creating the most innovative and exciting tools to connect the world through music. We’ve seen so many phenomenal solo, duet, and group performances over the years as you – our talented community – take Smule features and make them your own. Now, we’re excited to continue the evolution of self-expression by introducing the new way to create in Smule, using Styles!

The new recording flow

Because Styles have become an integral creative tool for performances, they’re now a part of every Smule creation. This means that now you’ll choose from custom Styles each time you create in Smule. These Styles include all of the audio + visual effects you already love, plus even more! You’ll be able to see and hear them after you record so you can decide which Style is right for your performance. While Styles being a part of every performance is new to the community, the great thing is that there are tons of choices and even options for when you can’t quite find a Style that suits you. Keep reading!

What are Styles?

If you’re new to our community or haven’t gotten a chance to use Styles, you’re missing out! Styles work as templates, made up of fun audio + video effects that enhance any recording and bring it to life in a new way. Previously, Styles were tied to a specific song. For example, it used to be that the “Frozen” Style made for “Into the Unknown” could only be used for that song—no more!

What’s changing in Styles?

Freedom to choose

Styles are no longer confined to one specific song, which means even greater creative freedom and more diverse performances! Because Styles are based on song structure, if you see a Style you like, you can apply the audio and visual effects you love to the song of your preference. Love the chilly vibes of “Into the Unknown” but don’t feel like singing a song from Frozen? Now you’re in charge! This new change means more creative control and the opportunity for you to set the tone for anyone that joins your performance. When you’re ready to record, simply choose a song, pick your Style, and start singing.

Cohesive duets and group performances

In the past, Styles within a duet or group performance were chosen at each member’s discretion. This meant that performances were less cohesive and often had mismatched effects in each recording. We understand some creators might miss this functionality but have found that maintaining the highest audio and visual performing quality relies on maintaining one shared Style. While you won’t be able to change the Style or effects when you join a performance, you can adjust the volume of your vocals and other applicable parameters like reverb amount or pitch correction to best suit your voice. Think of it this way: you’re helping bring your singing partner or group’s vision to life by sharing in their creative choices!

Don’t forget, you’ll have so many more Styles to choose from, with brand-new audio and video effects baked-in! Can’t find a Style you like? You can create one-of-a-kind Styles too!

Want a new Style? Create it!

The best part about new Styles is the ability to create your own! Our new companion app, Style Studio can be downloaded to create your own Styles, with audio and visual effects that suit your preferences. This is your time to shine and really experiment with what works for you! Even more exciting, popular Styles created by the community can be used for your own performance—on any song! Because Styles are tied to song structure there are numerous options and new Styles to use and love.

We can’t wait to see all the new collaborations and performances the updated Styles and Style Studio app will bring to life! It’s never been easier to join or create a unique Style in Smule. Try it today and download the Style Studio app to explore all the possibilities.

We’ve put together a short survey to collect your feedback. You can find it here. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have further questions, be sure to check out our FAQ. Or, you can send us a note to and our team would be happy to help!