Community*PLATINUM ARTIST** TOP 10 – Round 4 (Community Post)

*PLATINUM ARTIST** TOP 10 – Round 4 (Community Post)

*PLATINUM ARTIST* (Community Post: all questions –> @MHTS_Junny)
TOP 10 – Round 4

The Platinum Artist Vocal Competition has once again finalized a nail biting round!

Round 4 challenged our contestant’s to tackle Elton John, Adele, Michael Bublé and Celine Dion!

It appears the tides have finally changed this round and the boys are fighting for a spot in the Top Ten!

Please find below our Top 10 submissions for Round 4 – Elton/Adele/Bublé/Celine:

1. @Arielle_Sings ➡️

2. @dawkinsc ➡️

3. @JeffreyAKG_TV ➡️

4. @rafamolero1 ➡️

5. @The_Apostle ➡️

6. @KTM_Moneth ➡️

7. @ElizabethScott47 ➡️

8. @028_ice ➡️

9. @ACE_Theron ➡️

10. @1VF_Lotus ➡️

The top 100 remain standing and this competition is only going to get tougher for both contestants and judges!

We are extremely proud of each and every one of our contestants and applaud them all for their hard work and dedication!

To follow the progress for this fantastic competition, please visit our official website:

Round 5 is now underway and we are super excited to see and hear the joy that can only come from all things Disney!

Good luck everyone!