FeaturedSing “I Swear” with “All-4-One”

Sing “I Swear” with “All-4-One”

Sing “I Swear” with All-4-One


The American male R&B band, All-4-One, is all for Smule with their 1994 hit single, “I Swear.”  If you went to school dances in 1994 then you know that the night wasn’t over until “I Swear” was played as everyone’s favorite slow dance song.  The song went viral as they were America’s new favorite boy band after The New Kids On The Block tapered off.

Separately, the band is made up of talented artists: Jamie Jones, Delicious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez, and Tony Borowiak, but together they are one.  The group has sold 22 million records worldwide and has been awarded a Grammy for their pop single, “I Swear,” and an AMA for their song “So Much in Love.”

All-4-One is still going strong to this day.  They never broke up and still interact with their fanbase.  It’s time to bring back one of America’s biggest pop acts and most loved boy band.  Join All-4-One for a duet in the Sing! By Smule app to harmonize to the words of “I Swear.”


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