CommunitySING OLYMPICS 2017



Every time I am asked to talk about what Sing Olympics is, I just explain how it is a group competition where every group gets to have a representative in different categories, singing different music styles and genres. Then, I go into detail on how it works, how our ranking judging system works, how many rounds we do, etcetera. But Sing Olympics is so much more than a competition. This has become one of the most anticipated events in the Smule community. This being our third year, we have so many people that have been preparing themselves and their teams in the past year, to be able to do their best in the competition, and that is amazing! I thank every single one of you, for the investment and effort you have put into it, it makes it all worth it for us on the other side.

Just so you can understand better, Sing Olympics is the type of competition where someone goes, joins the staff to get inside information, waits months because I do not release anything until days before, then tries to like super spy on the staff documents to obtain information before others, because they just can’t wait. We even had someone go into our website editor just looking to see if there was something there! It’s crazy! hahaha “true story” and I was upset, because I want this to be a fair competition for every single group that joins us, but… if you think about it, it is kind of funny what people would do to start strategizing.

I can’t even remember how the SO staff became a team at first, since I didn’t know well any of them, but we are still strong on our third year Lulu, Tyler, Renee & Tori, have been there since start and together we work all of the magic that makes this 12 in 1 competition happen. Because you know that Sing Olympics is literally 12 competitions happening at the same time, with different sets of judges and competitors, right? We have new members in our staff which we are excited to have, since they have been helping us so much: Josh, Erica, Charlotte, John, Talia and Yumi are very appreciated. We hope our staff can give everyone the experience they hope for and more.

This yearly project, is really a lot of work, but it becomes nothing when you see all the excitement it brings. Seeing everyone come together to form teams, hearing such variety of voices, bringing people I’ve never met or heard before, groups being exposed to the community, everyone supporting each others music, the very repetitive and annoying, but still funny questions that are done 20 times in 5 minutes in leaders chat, everyone with their super cool Sing Olympics badge that represents their team, it really is gratifying. Last year we had 161 teams registered, this year we said… we have to downsize let’s limit one team per group… and still we got 120 teams registered of 11 to 13 members each, I guess the word has been spread, and there is nothing we can do about it. But we are glad to have every single one of you!

I am very proud about what my team and I have created, and I hope that everyone haves an amazing time, creates exciting new music, and pushes themselves to do the best they can.

Now to the good stuff, we will be having through the competition, updates on the playlist that is on the Smule app. If you want to listen to all the songs we will be making, make sure to check #SO2017.

Now let’s enjoy the music!
Much love,