FeaturedSing “That’s Why (You Go Away)” with Michael Learns to Rock

Sing “That’s Why (You Go Away)” with Michael Learns to Rock


Sing “That’s Why” with Michael Learns to Rock

Michael Learns to Rock (aka MLTR) is a Danish soft rock band who came together in 1988. That’s right, they have been together for 28 years! Over those 28 years, they have sold over 11 million records, several earning gold and platinum status in various countries. Most notably, their hit single “Take me to Your Heart” had more that 6 million paid downloads. A true global band, MLTR is a Danish band who sings in English and sells most of their records in Asia. They have won several awards across the globe, including the Gold Preis Award from RSH, Germany and “The Best Performing Act of the Year” at the SEA Grammy Awards in Singapore!

Sing “That’s Why (You Go Away)” With Michael Learns to Rock