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Sing With Audio FX

New: Elevate Your Sound & Sing With Audio FX

Are you ready to take your singing to the next level? Imagine belting out your favorite tunes with the confidence of a professional vocalist, effortlessly commanding the stage with studio-quality sound effects at your fingertips. Well, get ready to turn your musical dreams into reality because Sing With Audio FX is here to make it happen!

Pick Your Favorite from These New Audio FX!

  • Old Soul: Old Soul channels the essence of classic Soul singers. The effect is spacious without being cavernouse, warm and colorful while remaining tonally balanced, and it’s charmingly nostalgic without being outdated. It’s equally at home with Aretha Franklin or Amy Winehouse, and will help awaken your inner diva or crooner.
  • Alchemist: Alchemist is like a utility knife for your vocals. Beef up the reverb, dial back the chorus or tweak the EQ, the power is in your hands. No other effect on Smule gives you such a variety of parameters to customize your vocal sound.  From subtle enhancements to dramatic changes, its adaptability ensures outstanding results across any musical style.
  • Pro Studio: A sibling to the Smule classic, Super Studio, Pro Studio makes use of newer reverb and sibilance algorithms. Giving your voice a pleasing luster that suits most musical styles, Pro Studio takes your vocals to the next level.
  • Vibravox: Synth-inspired, Vibravox evokes Kraftwerk and Daft Punk’s robotic vocals. It offers a unique feature – adjustable vibrato levels. Turn it up for a quirky tone or keep it subtle for added texture to your voice.
  • New Wave: New Wave echoes British music from the late 1970s and early 1980s, infusing vocal chorus, phaser, and doubling for a gauzy, ethereal quality with a distinctive breathiness. Despite its roots, it complements various genres like pop, folk, progressive rock, and indie.

Join Sing With Audio FX!

Explore the latest voice effects, including the enchanting “Old Soul”, the transformative “Alchemist”, the vibrant “New Wave”, and many more! Each effect is meticulously crafted to enhance your singing performance and elevate your sound to new heights!

How Can I Participate and Sing With Audio FX?

  1. Try out Smule’s latest effects by joining the invites in the promo page, or create your own!
  2. Add the hashtag #SingWithAudioFX to your performance or join one with it.

Click here to participate in  #SingWithAudioFX!

The possibilities with Smule’s Audio FX are truly endless, and the only limit is your imagination. So why wait? Elevate your sound, unleash your creativity, and shine like never before with Smule’s Audio FX. Your musical journey starts here!