ProductSmule Android App Updates!

Smule Android App Updates!

Smule Android App Updates! 

Hello Android users!

We hear your feedback, suggestions and options regarding the Android updates and we have great news for you! We have implemented many improvements across many Android device to enhance your experience! Your experience on the Android device is a priority and we are happy to keep you updated on future releases!

August 5th Update: 

  • Great improvements made in synching recorded vocals to backing track (no need to do it by hand anymore)
  • Every device configuration has a unique measurement for sync! We have collected measurements for over 600 configurations and we are continuing to add more every week!
  • How do you know? If the, “Vocal Out of Sync?” slider UI element starts closed on the review screen, it means your device configuration is covered.
  • There is now a ‘Reset’ button on the slider UI element which will put the slider back to our known measurement.

Upcoming (September):

  • Introducing live monitoring- you will be able to hear yourself while singing!