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Smule Irresistible Challenge

New: Smule Irresistible Challenge

Smule Challenges give you a new way to have fun singing and connecting with the community! Every other Friday, Smule will feature a playlist of the best performances from the latest Challenge! It’s time to unveil a brand new playlist for the past theme and announce the Smule Irresistible Challenge!

Smule App Playlist From The Past #Song4UChallenge

We challenged you to dedicate a song to someone special, a friend, relative, significant other, or your music idol.

These are just a few of the amazing featured performances:

Check out the full #Song4UChallenge playlist in the Explore page on Smule or tap here.

Sing For The Smule Irresistible Challenge

There are songs you just can’t resist singing wherever you are. Now it’s the time to sing the songs you can never resist! Ten of you will be featured on our playlist in two weeks when we’ll also announce a new theme.

Here’s What To Do For A Chance To Be Featured for The Smule Irresistible Challenge:

  1. Create a video/audio performance to the songs below or choose the ones YOU can’t resist.
  2. Add the hashtag #IrresistibleChallenge to your performance or join one with it.
  3. Upload your performance by Tuesday, December 14th, at 11:00 PM PST.
  4. Record as many performances you want for a better chance of being featured.
  5. Optional: Share your performance to social media with #Smule and boost your chances for a feature.

Tap here to enter the #IrresistibleChallenge!

Featured Performances Will Have:

1. Performance creativity.

More engaging performances are more likely to win, so encourage your friends and followers to join, comment, favorite, gift, and tap love on your performance to increase your chances of being chosen.

Talking about engagement, you can show some love to other #IrresistibleChallenge performances with our dedicated gift.


  1. A featured performance in the dedicated Smule Challenges playlist, seen by millions of users.
  2. A featured post on the Smule Blog and Smule’s socials.

We will feature participants bi-weekly on Fridays, with their performances highlighted for two weeks.

We can’t wait to hear your creations!