CommunitySmule Love Story: James & Jacques

Smule Love Story: James & Jacques

Happy Pride Month, Smule fam! Community members James & Jacques share their love story with us that began on Smule. Join us on a heartwarming journey that defies societal expectations and embraces authenticity. #SingWithPride on Smule!

James: It all began when I saw a Smule recommendation for ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence that Jacques had opened. I love that song so I gave Jacques a little listen. I thought he had a cool unique style and decided to join him.

Smule community members on their wedding day sharing their love story sitting on a bench

Jacques: I saw this gorgeous man with a massive following had joined little ol’ me. We all know how that feels when a Smule “Star” who you have seen featured joins you! I listened immediately and had to join back!

James: From there I thought I’d message and say thanks, we chatted a bit on Smule as friends.

Jacques: It was completely platonic at the time. I had been single and unmingled after a long painful relationship. But there was something about you that felt completely genuine, sincere, and non-aggressive.

James: We were both disappointed and hurt by previous relationships. That was part of our connection as we understood that pain. I checked in on you when you were opening some pretty dark songs to make sure you were OK.

Jacques: That was a turning point in my mind of ‘Who the heck is this amazing singer with all these joins to care about me?’. Unknown to myself at that time, that is where my interest began to shift. I felt seen and appreciated.

James: We started to build up a closer friendship and had some video chats to get to know each other better “in person”. Even though Jacques was in the USA and I lived in the UK, I felt like we would meet one day.

I think what’s amazing about Smule is finding those true, honest connections through music.

Jacques: I agree! Smule is amazing in that way, I have formed so many deep connections & met many Smule friends in person. I decided to move to Germany, live with another Smule member & discover the next chapter of my life.

James: I was excited my Smule mate was going to live closer!  I asked about a potential meet-up as it seemed like the timing was right for us both.

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Jacques: It’s all history from there. I knew from the moment I met you that you were what I had been searching for my entire life!

James: We met on 24th September 2022.  It was love at first sight for me which I’ve never experienced before. Suddenly, there was this amazing person showing me the love that I’d always hoped for but hadn’t received.  

Our journey was pretty fast from there on. For about 8 years, I’ve been running a group called BLeNDit on Smule. We had a pretty big meet-up planned in Manchester, UK.  I invited Jacques along to meet my Smule family (my chosen family).

Jacques: I was nervous about meeting the BleNDit group, who had come from all around Europe. They saw how happy we were together and were so supportive. I’m now a leader in the group and adore them all!  Immediately after that weekend, you invited me along on a short holiday overseas.

Some time after that we visited your family in the UK and hosted an American Thanksgiving. The family also saw our happiness and we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Smule love story ends with their dream house

James: My family then asked you over for Christmas. This was a big deal as my Mum is rather protective and had reservations about past relationships. We announced our plans to get married in Denmark on the 1st of March 2023. 

Jacques: We had an amazing Wedding Day, just the two of us! And have since moved into our beautiful new home at the end of April. I guess we really are an example that true love and happiness can happen, in the least expected places. Forever grateful to Smule for bringing so many amazing people and my forever person into my life!

James: I couldn’t agree more!  I’ve met you, the person I was searching for all my life, and some of my closest friends. Looking at my life now, I sometimes have to pinch myself! I know some people may think our relationship happened quickly but you’re my soulmate.

Jacques: You are my soulmate too! I am grateful that Smule helped us both find ourselves so that we could find each other and our Smule family! I can’t wait to create and discover even more with you and our Smule community!

Enjoyed their love story? #SingWithPride with James & Jacques on Smule!