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Sing With Pride

New: Sing With Pride by Instagram and Smule

At Smule, we believe in the unifying power of music and the importance of embracing diversity. Join Sing With Pride for a chance to unite our voices and come together, supporting the LGBTQ+ community and uplift one another.This event is a celebration of the unique and beautiful ways in which we all express ourselves through song.

Join Sing With Pride to celebrate diversity and inclusion through the power of music

10 of you will get a chance to win a 1-year Smule VIP, courtesy of Instagram! On top of that, at least ten of you will be featured on our playlist, socials, and SmuleGlobal in four weeks.

Last but not least, join the special Smule Sing Live on Saturday, June 10 at 2 PM PDT and celebrate diversity, love, and equality through the power of song and support the LGBTQ+ community with your voice. 

How can I participate in the Smule Sing With Pride event for a chance to win?

  1. Make your pick from our featured invites in our promo page, or create your own! 
  2. Add the hashtag #SingWithPride to your performance or join one with it.
  3. Upload your performance by Tuesday, July 4th, at 11:00 PM PST.
  4. The more songs you sing, the better chances to win a 1-year Smule VIP, courtesy of Instagram.
  5. BOOST YOUR CHANCES: Share your performance to Reels on Instagram with #Smule. Sharing to Reels on Instagram or Facebook is not a requirement to participate in this challenge or receive a prize

More of a visual learner? Check out this video for more info on how to participate:

Click here to enter the #SingWithPride.

What’s the submission selection team looking for?

  1. Creativity – Your performance is the perfect way to get creative!
  2. High engagement – Performances with lots of views and comments are more likely to win, so encourage your friends and followers to show some love!

What can I win?

  1. 1-year Smule VIP, courtesy of Instagram
  2. A featured performance on our Smule playlist, seen by millions of users around the world.
  3. A featured post on our blog, socials and SmuleGlobal.

Tap here for the #SingWithPride Contest Terms.

We can’t wait to hear your creations!