CommunitySmule Meet Ups: October 1 – 8th

Smule Meet Ups: October 1 – 8th

Smule Meet Ups: October 1 – 8th Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.24.10 AM

Smule Meet Up Tip: Be yourself

Meeting up with unfamiliar faces, or even familiar faces can be scary when you have only connected with them over an app, if that. Many times at meet ups, people are meeting many others for the first time, and who knows that person may end up being your long life best friend. One important thing to remember is to be yourself.

Miami, FL


“It was awesome! My favorite part was that singing together, and looking at each other and somehow to know when we were going to harmonize and when was our solo part, it was amazing cause we also dance while we were singing.. Definitely happy moments thanks to Smule!” – Glenda

Charlotte, NC 


“The best part of meeting everyone was the fact that we all clicked so well. Our personalities are all very similar and it’s amazing you can meet people online and experience that. We did some karaoke at a local bar/eatery, well Marty did karaoke and we watched hahaha!  We had some drinks and had a great time! It rained a good portion of the weekend (flooding rains) so our ability to do much was pretty limited. Even staying indoors we had a great time playing beer pong and singing together!” Nicole continues, “Oh forgot, my most favorite memory was getting to the hotel early with ace_nikki and jumping on the beds like children. We’re like the same person and I’m pretty sure I’ve made a lifelong friend from this ️and here is some more pictures!” – Nicole

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